Webinar: combating tool sprawl with AIOps

Webinar: combating tool sprawl with AIOps

Dexcom is more than a business. For its customers, the organization’s innovative continuous glucose monitoring platform provides them with a way to take control of their health and better manage their diabetes. Given the critical services Dexcom provides to its customers, their IT Operations teams have highly specific needs when it comes to the many tools and platforms, they rely on to keep their organization’s services up and running.

On a recent webinar, we talked with Dexcom Director of Cloud Operations, Keith Chernock about this interconnected set of challenges and how BigPanda’s innovative approach to AIOps has helped usher in a new wave of technological confidence and efficiency for the company. Read on to learn more.

The complex relationship between innovation and tool sprawl

As the pace at which technology is changing and competition stiffens, Chernock shared that Dexcom can’t afford to rest on its laurels. When better ways to do things come, they must explore and implement them to remain on the cutting edge, which results in a stockpiling of tools. For some companies, this tendency can lead to not making the most of all the tools at their disposal: stuck with a collection of tools that suit some of their needs, but limited visibility into the way they work together. This can result in the company failing to derive optimal value from current tools even as they adopt more to run concurrently.

In this regard, Chernock and Dexcom were initially hesitant to add BigPanda to their stack. Why would a company with so many tools implement another to solve the problem?

Fortunately, though, they took another look—and the relationship has allowed them a level of insight, functionality, and human productivity they were concerned might not be possible with their tech-forward stance, considering all the tools they needed to juggle.

Combine and conquer with AIOps platforms

Per Chernock, BigPanda’s first impact came in the way our platform combines sources of IT information. Because the company must rely on “different [best-of-breed tools] that specialize in different areas” of the business, he said, the ability to bring the info the tools produce “into one central hub” has enabled human actors in the Dexcom system to make better-informed decisions at ground level and stay on top of potential issues much more easily.

According to Chernock, the move has also empowered Dexcom to be more proactive in its future tool selection. Because stakeholders know new best-of-breed tools—which directly equate to better health outcomes for Dexcom customers—can more easily roll into their current operations, they can make technology purchases and other decisions with more confidence.

Building ongoing confidence

On the topic of futureproofing, Chernock shared how BigPanda has helped make Dexcom more fluent in an area some companies don’t consider as they build out their roadmaps: keeping legacy systems going for just the right amount of time.

By removing data silos among critical IT systems, AIOps tools provide a few distinct advantages. The first “cheat code,” as Chernock called it, is Dexcom’s newfound ability to run both legacy solutions and groundbreaking tools side by side, collecting data from both in a single pane and allowing the company to slowly transition away from legacy tools that don’t provide value without impacting service to customers on the other end.

Moreover, when new tools are implemented, our approach to AIOps helps Dexcom monitor their ongoing performance in a production environment. This represents a significant risk reduction for the company, Chernock said, and further enhances his company’s ability to make decisions that suit the business, its customers, and their health outcomes.

Learn more about how AIOps tools are transforming businesses today

Our webinars demonstrate real-world use cases for AIOps. Get Dexcom’s full story in the on-demand webinar here, and stay tuned for more from BigPanda’s customers.