Didier Le Tien, US Foods

Resolve 21 Webinar: US Foods

At RESOLVE ’21, Didier discussed how the company delivered exceptional service by eliminating bottlenecks with automated processes. Here’s a quick...
John Chao, Expedia

Resolve 21 Webinar: Expedia

At RESOLVE ’21, John shared how his team converts data into rich insights to anticipate every aspect of incident management....
Jeremy Bragg, Abbott

Resolve 21 Webinar: Abbott Labs

At RESOLVE ’21, Jeremy explained how automation changed IT Ops ticketing processes to drive efficiency. Here’s a quick peek from...
Kiran Venkatesan, Wiley

Resolve 21 Webinar: Wiley

At RESOLVE ’21, Kiran shared how his team uses AIOps-powered event correlation. Here’s a quick peek of the session.

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