2022 BigPanda product year in review

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The start of a new year often includes reflecting on what you accomplished over the past year and setting new goals for the year ahead. In 2022, BigPanda set big goals to help organizations prevent and resolve IT and service outages through our innovative Incident Intelligence and Automation platform, powered by AIOps. On average, our customers sent us 2.3 billion events and changes per month, with our largest customers by volume sending us approximately 165 million events each. We had some major product announcements over the last year, including:

  • Open Integration Manager
  • Email Parser
  • Unified Analytics
  • Context-Aware Escalation Automation

With all these new enhancements, you will now be able to visualize your operational IT KPIs in a single dashboard, speed up incident investigation, bring in additional data sources knowing that the system can scale, and be up and running with all these capabilities in just a few hours. Let’s reflect on the product updates over the past year and how we’ve helped our customers quickly adopt AIOps and increase uptime, efficiency, and velocity.

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Optimize your operations with Unified Analytics

In October, BigPanda launched Unified Analytics, the only purpose-built analytics and reporting solution for ITOps that provides deep visibility into KPIs, metrics, and trends customers can use to drive continuous optimization. New insights from ready-to-use KPIs measure, track, and display IT operations performance and trends against targets—and use them to build new value use cases that articulate the business impact of ITOps and DevOps improvements. Unified Analytics brings data to every conversation you have, from SRE and DevOps to the automation center of excellence (COE).

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Our customers are using Unified Analytics to identify monitoring tools that are noisy, sending low-quality alerts, and often ignored. They can use this information to identify how to improve alert quality and even identify tools to rationalize.

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Visit the Unified Analytics page to read about the four tenets of our modern Unified Analytics platform for IT operations.

Accelerate resolution with Context-Aware Escalation Automation

At the end of the year, we launched Context-Aware Escalation Automation (otherwise known as environments with incident tags), which was a feature many of our customers requested. You are now able to quickly create environments that fit even the most complex situations with new incident-tag support. When grouping incidents within BigPanda, you can now leverage incident tags such as priority, team, or business asset—speeding up triage and incident investigation.

Context-Aware Escalation Automation

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Automation is a powerful instrument for problem resolution, but it lacks intelligence without context. Organizations experience significant gaps in the automation of workflow and remediation that must be addressed in the modern technological landscape. Despite technological breakthroughs, “self-healing” systems have a ways to go before they can be trusted to identify and solve the root cause of an outage.

With this new functionality, you can:

  • Group escalated incidents into a single environment, allowing you to focus on high-priority issues.
  • Organize incidents containing a large number of alerts.
  • Automatically route incidents to the relevant teams.
  • Set up AutoShare rules based on incident tags.
  • Reduce the number of tickets in external systems.
  • Set up catch-all environments for unassigned incidents.

Context-Aware Escalation Automation inside of BigPanda drives intelligence into incidents for escalation resolution and adds context. And context is key for our customers. One of our customers, a Fortune 500 medical-device company shared, “The ability to route based on incident assignee and priority is a game changer.”

Ingest alert data seamlessly with the Open Integration Manager

In August, BigPanda launched Open Integration Manager (OIM), which enables users to easily pre-process and normalize alert data sent to our alerts API without the need for custom code. With this self-service capability, users are able to configure, test, and deploy existing out-of-the-box (OOTB) inbound integrations. They can also create integrations with any monitoring tool capable of sending events to our API, on their own, directly within the BigPanda user interface, and without custom work. This new configuration layer simplifies data normalization, accelerates onboarding, and significantly improves time to value.


Open Integration Manager unlocks velocity for you to be able to access and control your data as it is sent to BigPanda. In the past, any non-standard integration had to be customized, adding time and effort. Now, integrations require little to no changes and are being completed by our customers in under two hours. We added 10 new integrations in 2022 and plan on adding more than twice as many in 2023.

Visit the Open Integration Hub page to learn more about the Open Integration Manager.

Additional product enhancements

Unparalleled scalability

We also focused on proving that we can handle the largest environments from even the biggest companies. On average, our customers send us 2.3 billion events and changes per month, with our largest customers by volume sending us approximately 165 million events each, in addition to change data every month.

Extreme reliability

We understand the critical nature BigPanda plays for our global ITOps customers. To ensure that BigPanda is operational and available without outages or latency, we re-architected the backend systems to drive platform availability. We were able to cut down our recovery time objective and recovery point objective (RTO/RPO) in half from 24/48 to 12/24 as a result of this.

Audit log improvements

Audit logs allow BigPanda admins to keep track of changes in their configuration across BigPanda’s AIOps platform. The audit logs API gives admins a vital troubleshooting, investigation, and security tool. BigPanda audit logs report on create-, update-, and delete-actions for alert correlation, AutoShare, environment, and user management.

The audit log also now reports on actions surrounding user management, giving your team added visibility into the creation and deletion of BigPanda accounts.

Fast and easy adoption

The second half of 2022 focused on fast and easy AIOps adoption and driving initial value. We wanted to make it easy for our customers to integrate data sources and reduce alert noise more seamlessly and intuitively. The Open Integration Manager was our first release with this goal in mind, but we also had many small but impactful releases throughout the year. In fact, 60% of feature requests that were delivered in 2022 were in relation to fast and easy adoption. A few of the other features that made fast and easy adoption a reality include:

  • Email Parser: Extracts alert data from emails with a streamlined, simplified integration that does not require custom coding.
  • Query assist: Significantly reduces the complexity of delivering accurate search and condition values in specific tags by removing the need to reference query documentation manually.
  • AI tag normalization suggestions: Standardizes the language that tools are speaking, right at ingestion for each individual integration.
  • Post-enrichment alert filtering: Filter and remove low-quality alerts before they are correlated into incidents, greatly reducing alert clutter and noise within your incident feed.
  • Correlation pattern insights dashboard: Measure and analyze correlation pattern performance and effectiveness to better reduce monitoring-alert noise.

Fast and easy adoption makes it easier to scale and realize time to value while having the data to do so.

Looking ahead in 2023

We have a lot of exciting things coming in 2023. AIOps is a journey, and BigPanda creates a path for you by adopting three primary services: Alert Intelligence, Incident Intelligence, and Workflow Automation. Guiding our users’ progression through these services is our unique engine for generating insights, Unified Analytics. Underpinning it all is our AI Engine, which streamlines configuration and suggests recommendations that make the management of incidents more efficient.

AIOps Steps

Going into 2023, what does “good” look like for you as a customer? We’ll be increasing velocity and doubling down on delivering the best insights from your IT data. We are working hard as part of our vision to get our customers here:

  • Organize and rationalize your data
  • Automate incident detection
  • Automate root cause analysis
  • Automate incident routing
  • Automate incident remediation

We plan to do all of that by aligning with an open-data strategy that drives incidence intelligence and automation and ensuring that BigPanda is simple to start, simple to own, and simple to use.

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