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A BigPanda customer once said, “If our company were on fire, we know BigPanda would be there holding the firehose with us.” There is no better way to describe our partnership with every customer. Our customers can vouch that we deliver on our promises. We help organizations prevent downtime. We help teams become more efficient, enabling enterprises to reduce operational costs. In parallel, we minimize risk as businesses move forward toward transforming their IT organization, so that they can deliver extraordinary service to their customers and accelerate business growth. Our experts provide organizations with proven, prescriptive, and field-tested methodologies adapted to the specific needs of a given organization. We achieve this through consulting, services, support, and high-touch relationships.

Steve Award Winner

BigPanda wins 2022 Stevie® award for exceptional sales and customer service

Rapid time to value

We believe that small and consistent successes lead to big wins and business growth. The BigPanda Customer Success team is focused on delivering value with rapid, incremental milestones. This is in stark contrast to vendors that take a year or longer to complete a deployment, with few markers of progress along the way.

In as little as 8 to 12 weeks, an organization will go live, be in production and start deriving measurable business value. Our practices are highly effective and tailored, harnessing the power of agile principles, a constant feedback loop, iterative deployment, and 100% alignment with an organization’s changing business needs. We help businesses lay the foundation for more efficient and streamlined IT operations.

And we build on that as your environment and technology evolve in step with business innovations and trends.

Our proven approach

We understand your needs

No two businesses are alike. We work with each organization to understand their particular IT landscape from every vantage point. We approach each BigPanda implementation with a consultative, personalized, and prescriptive mindset. It starts with getting to know the organization, the IT environment, and the people. We then tailor our proven methodology and applicable best practices to meet the needs of the business. We are proactive and prescriptive, sharing our industry learnings to help build a best-in-class solution.

We fit within your environments

We know things move fast today. Our Customer Success team takes a “best-of-breed” approach. We work with what organizations already have and do not require them to rip apart and replace their current IT technology stack. We also provide them with training, services, and tools that enable them to gain insights as they monitor their progress over time or at any point in time.

We support your team

We zero in on the details about the team, getting to know each individual staff member and the role they play in the IT Operations landscape. We layer that understanding with our dedicated BigPanda team, consisting of customer success managers, project managers, and solutions architects. They bring more than 20 years of IT operations expertise and experience in the most complex enterprise environments and a commitment to building a longstanding, collaborative relationship with our partner organizations and their IT organization at all levels. Click here to learn more about BigPanda’s Customer Success team.

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