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Tivit Case Study

Find out why TIVIT picked BigPanda to break down IT Ops silos and improve delivery of services

The BigPanda platform helped TIVIT overcome those challenges by aggregating, enriching and correlating alerts, as well as enhancing teams’ ability to interact and collaborate. As a result, IT Operations is more efficient and successful at enabling top-tier services and customer experience.

Bungie ensures service reliability for groundbreaking game universes with BigPanda

Find out how BigPanda helped Bungie, a leading game studio, eliminate their reliance on manual monitoring and reduce IT noise by 99% compression rate – turning 3000 noisy alerts into 35 actionable tickets.

Meet the team at Expedia and find out how they modernized Operations on one of the world's fastest-moving IT stacks, and why they chose the BigPanda AIOps platform to help them with their mission.

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