White Paper: Three Hidden Costs of IT Alert Overload

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How much does IT alert overload cost your organization?

Systems monitoring, APM, end-user monitoring, logging, error tracking, anomaly detection. Today’s monitoring stack is more diverse than ever before. Add this to the increasing complexity and scale of modern IT infrastructure, and it’s little surprise that 79% of IT pros state that alert noise is a challenge for their organization.

But what does that actually mean for your business? How does the pain of alert noise affect the effectiveness of IT, and more importantly, your bottom line? In this white paper, we dive into three hidden – and often overlooked – costs of alert overload:

  • Downtime: How much does downtime cost the Fortune 1000 every year?
  • Incident resolution: Avoid the costly mistake many organizations make in their attempt to minimize downtime.
  • Customer dissatisfaction: The impact of alert overload doesn’t begin and end with IT – what does it mean for brand reputation and loyalty?

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