Business Challenge

One of the world’s largest semiconductor companies had undertaken an extensive number of digital transformation initiatives, and its IT operations had expanded to achieve massive scale. In the wake of this growth, the service operations team was contending with a continuous onslaught of millions of alerts. In order to move away from time-consuming, manual incident management efforts, the organization sought to automate incident detection and remediation.

BigPanda Solution

The BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform is deployed and receives alerts from more than 200,000 nodes. Three data centers across the globe use BigPanda to identify and resolve incidents in an efficient and productive manner. The Open Integration Hub is connecting to multiple systems as they modernize the monitoring tool stack and streamline their workflows.

Business Impact

The deployment of the BigPanda AO Platform allows them to end-of-life legacy tools that were costing the business significantly, in terms of people, and the time it takes to maintain. When the legacy systems required more rules, maintenance or updating, after a very short period, and in some cases days, it quickly became out-of-date and ineffective.

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