What’s behind BigPanda’s customers’ success?

What’s behind BigPanda’s customers’ success?

As the Regional VP of Customer Success for the West and Central Region at BigPanda, Chris LaPierre gets a unique opportunity to see first-hand how BigPanda customers use their AIOps platform. Charged with ensuring every BigPanda customer derives high value and return on investment from the solution, BigPanda’s customer success teams make certain customers leverage the AIOps platform to increase their bottom line. Given Chris’s special perspective on how critical service availability and reliability are today—and how BigPanda can continue to support both, we wanted to find out how Chris and the rest of the customer success team plans to improve support over the coming months.

“It’s not just the technology.”

While our sophisticated, ever-evolving AIOps platform is solving our customers’ problems on a daily basis, the people of BigPanda are just as much a part of our customers’ success. We understand the criticality of what our customers do in today’s digital economy, as Chris says. So much depends on service availability and reliability. That’s where our customer success team truly shines. We empathize with the plight of the essential worker, the hardest working person in IT Operations, the incident management leader. Those are the people who keep our economy running, and Chris’ team is bent on ensuring those folks find value and relief from daily stress in BigPanda’s AIOps tools.

“It matters to the world.”

BigPanda’s customers aren’t just working in microcosms. They are in complex industries that are driving innovation forward for the global economy. Not only is it fun to learn about what our customers do, it’s pretty cool, as Chris pointed out. Our customers’ work matters to the world, and it’s special to know that BigPanda’s event correlation and automation software supports the important missions of these organizations.

“Your passion fuels our passion”

Chris mentioned how excited we get when we see our customers succeed, and that thrill isn’t just in Chris’ department. It’s a company-wide joy to watch our customers use AIOps platforms to drive forward innovation—spurring more passionate ideas and growth. The latest round of funding and BigPanda’s subsequent Unicorn status are emblematic of this cycle of passion. We embrace continuous improvement so we can meet tomorrow’s customer needs with advanced incident response systems and root-cause analysis methods. The tank is full, as Chris puts it, and we’re looking forward to seeing what comes next.