What is ServiceNow change management? How does AIOps help?

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Effective IT change management is essential for maintaining smooth operations in today’s fast-paced, agile IT environment. Given that 85%, or the vast majority, of incident-impacting alerts result from changes, optimizing your change management means improving your incident management and ensuring critical system reliability.

So whether your organization uses ServiceNow for change management or is considering using ServiceNow, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know. We will explore what it is, why it is needed, and how AIOps can enhance its capabilities. Discover how to maintain reduced risk with a higher business velocity by improving your change management solution. 

Read on to learn:

  • What is ServiceNow change management?
  • What are the common challenges of IT change management?
  • Benefits of ServiceNow change management
  • ServiceNow change management product features
  • How AIOps enhances change management
  • How BigPanda enhances change management

What is ServiceNow change management?

ServiceNow change management enables change management, which is a structured approach to managing changes in IT systems and processes. Change management ensures that changes are implemented smoothly and efficiently while minimizing disruption to services. 

As part of the ServiceNow ITSM suite, change management allows users to simplify, automate, and accelerate complex change processes with complete information on risk and impact.

What are the common challenges of IT change management?

The primary challenge of IT change management is keeping ahead of the countless alerts created by frequent IT changes, especially in fast-paced and agile environments. Companies struggle to identify the root causes of constant IT events and get to the root cause quickly. 

Effective change management, planning, monitoring, and automated root cause analysis are essential to overcome these obstacles. These ensure that changes are executed smoothly, incidents are swiftly resolved, and IT teams can efficiently support the fast pace of business.

ServiceNow change management product features

SNOW change management allows the streamlining of IT changes. It features automated workflows, risk assessment tools, communication channels, and integration capabilities for efficient and compliant change implementation.

  • Multimodal Change Templates: ServiceNow enables change managers to customize change activities and workflows to specific use cases, extending ITIL OOB change types and incorporating flow design.
  • Change Success Score: Automates approvals using a numerical score reflecting a group’s historical change success to predict future success likelihood.
  • Risk Intelligence: Enhance change risk analysis with ServiceNow’s Machine Learning, which offers classification or similarity algorithms for data-driven risk predictions.
  • Change Advisory Board (CAB) Workbench: Streamlines CAB meeting management with a dedicated portal for scheduling, planning, and managing, including a change conflict calendar for visual conflict identification.
  • Configuration Management Database (CMDB): Processes change requests and release plans using CMDB as the record system, showing configuration items, their connections, and the business impact of changes.

Other features of ServiceNow change management include those supporting DevOps, Built-In Risk Assessment And Calculation, Risk Conflict Detection, Conflict Scheduling, Managing Concurrent Changes, Visualizing Change Impact, and Change Approval Policies.

How AIOps enhances change management

IT change management needs AI for optimal performance and minimal change risk. Without AI to automate and enhance decision-making, conventional solutions can result in slower responses and less efficient handling of dynamic IT environments.

AIOps supports IT change management by providing advanced analytics, risk assessment, real-time monitoring, and automation, leading to more efficient, informed, and successful change processes.

How AIOps enhances change management: Predictive analysis, Automated risk assessment, Enhanced decision making, Real-time monitoring, Efficiency in problem resolution, Optimized change scheduling

Achieve seamless change management with BigPanda

BigPanda improves IT change management by using AI and ML to automate and streamline incident response processes, reducing downtime and improving the efficiency of handling IT changes and disruptions.

  • Detect IT incidents with relevant data: BigPanda correlates alerts across your hybrid cloud deployments with change, topology, and available CMDB data. This builds actionable and contextually rich incidents in real-time.
  • Determine the change that triggered an incident: Visualize the full history of alerts chronologically to understand where the problem with an incident first started.
  • Identify change-related root cause of an incident: Advanced AI identifies high-confidence alerts and change data matches. This provides users with a comprehensive view of statistically important changes that caused the incident.
  • Confidently identify and explain impact across IT systems: BigPanda Generative AI explains the probable root cause and impact of incidents across interrelated IT systems in a natural, easy-to-understand way.

Discover what seamless change management with BigPanda looks like for your organization by experiencing it for yourself in our personalized demo.