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“The clearest and most singular footprint for AIOps”: BigPanda named leader once again in EMA’s Radar Report on AIOps

"The clearest and most singular footprint for AIOps": BigPanda named leader once again in EMA's Radar Report on AIOps

Leading analysts continue to acknowledge BigPanda’s leading role in the AIOps ecosystem. Earlier this year the GigaOm AIOps Radar report placed BigPanda in the leader section for the company’s strong market impact as a platform that delivers event correlation at scale. And last month, in its AIOps Radar report which delivers an in-depth analysis of 17 industry leading AIOps vendors, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) named BigPanda as a leader in several key use-case perspectives, including incident management, business impact and IT-to-business alignment.

In the report introduction, EMA captured the essence of BigPanda’s unique offering, stating that

BigPanda has, in many respects, helped to redefine the AIOps market.

It has done so with its focus on deployability, time to value, its Open Box Machine Learning, and its capabilities for improving incident lifecycle management through analytics-driven event management.

The claim might be made that no other vendor in this Radar offers as clear and as singular a footprint for AIOps as BigPanda, which has made it much easier than average for its adopters to see and achieve value by not overextending its reach into a be-all and end-all solution.

A leader in incident, performance, and availability management
EMA recognizes BigPanda as the value leader in this domain, citing a wide variety of benefits including superior MTTR, streamlined incident management, proactive ability to prevent problems, improved OpEx efficiencies, faster onboarding of new technologies, and powerful rationalization of tools. The added advantage for DevOps in using BigPanda is also highlighted.

Value Leader Award

A leader in business impact and IT-to-business alignment
EMA recognizes that BigPanda’s values in this domain stem from its ability to associate business outcomes with service performance, enabling faster onboarding of new customers, improved end-user/customer experience, improved business performance in terms of revenue and process efficiencies, and accelerated capabilities for digital transformation.

Value Leader

The BigPanda advantage

The EMA report also awards BigPanda a “strong value” in change impact and capacity optimization, and a special mention for its unique Open Box Machine Learning explainable AI.

Summarizing BigPanda’s strengths – EMA states that:

  • BigPanda has shown itself to be highly deployable and easily administered compared to the vast majority of its competitors.
  • BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning and unique Explainable AI helps to set it apart in terms of visibility into how its AI/analytics work, and how they can best be understood and evolve, with transparency, testability, and control.
  • BigPanda’s vision helps to place it center stage in how EMA sees IT organizations evolving to support the more dynamic requirements for cloud and digital transformation by integrating analytics with automation.

Or as a quoted customer states in the report: “BigPanda nailed it. It became synonymous with ‘let’s make it all work.’ ”

To learn more – download the full BigPanda report here.