State of Monitoring 2016: The results are in

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You don’t have to look far to realize that times are rapidly changing in the world of monitoring. A once stable landscape – consisting of just a few monolithic solutions – has exploded and fragmented as a new wave of tools better suited to the scale, complexity and agility of modern infrastructure and applications has emerged.

Which is why, back in late December, BigPanda decided to launch the first-ever State of Monitoring Survey. We wanted to shine a light on what today’s monitoring landscape looks like, and more importantly, delve into the challenges facing IT Ops teams and look at how these issues affect performance.

Our original goal was to collect about 500 responses, so you can imagine our surprise when the 29 question survey amassed over 1700 responses in the space of a week. We believe that the overwhelming response we received simply validates the fact that monitoring is a critical, hot button issue for the IT community.

After several weeks of crunching the data, the summary report is now ready and available for download. It covers key findings from the survey, including:

  • What today’s average monitoring stack looks like, and which tools are most popular

  • The biggest monitoring challenges facing ITOps/DevOps pros in the coming year

  • The numbers that reveal why strategic monitoring is critical for modern organizations

  • The budget and ROI predictions for 2016

To learn more about the insights, the challenges, and the outlook shared by over 1700 of your peers, click here to download the report.

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our on-demand webinar, State of Monitoring 2016: The Failures, The Challenges, and the Outlook for the Future.

And as always, we invite you to join in on the conversation! Tweet us your thoughts, feedback, or predictions with the hashtag #StateOfMonitoring.


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