Overcoming The Black Box Problem With Machine Learning in IT Operations

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Chronically understaffed and constantly stressed-out IT Ops and NOC teams are overwhelmed by today’s IT noise.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help these teams because ML (and AI) are exceptionally good at processing enormous volumes of very complex data in real-time, or near real-time, and surfacing actionable insights.

But ML successes in IT Ops are still hit-or-miss.

IT leaders justifiably question the amount of time required to deploy ML solutions and the dependability of the results. And because machine learning has a ‘black box’ reputation, IT  teams don’t trust the solutions.

Enter Open Box Machine Learning from BigPanda

With BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning,

  • teams can see the ML logic in plain English,
  • they can edit the logic, test it and run what-if experiments, and
  • they can add situational and tribal knowledge that strengthens this logic.

This is a revolutionary approach to Machine Learning in IT Ops and is seeing a 100% success rate with large enterprises, growing mid-size companies, and digital natives.

Recently, Mohan Kompella, Senior Director of Product at BigPanda, sat down with down with industry analyst, Charlie Araujo, and talked about

  • the challenges faced by IT Ops teams today,
  • the many problems caused by traditional ML and AI-driven IT Ops tools, and
  • why BigPanda and BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning is becoming a dependable and trustworthy ally to IT Ops and NOC teams everywhere.


Want to learn more about BigPanda and BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning? Just drop us a note and we’ll schedule a demo.

About the Author:

Mohan Kompella
Mohan is the VP of Product Marketing at BigPanda. He's spent 15 years in IT Operations and ~ 20 yrs in Enterprise IT. During this time, he's worked closely with F1000 and Global 5000 enterprises in a variety of engineering, consulting, architecture, pre-sales engineering, product marketing and strategy roles. Most recently, Mohan led Product Marketing for Lightbend.