Introducing custom monitoring views for every slice of your IT environment

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Most companies organize their IT infrastructure into multiple operating environments, grouped by application, development team, customers or data centers. However, it is very difficult for IT teams to view the thousands of daily IT alerts they get in the context of those operating environments, especially when alerts originate from multiple monitoring tools that are highly siloed from one another. As a result, IT teams waste valuable time filtering through a firehose of incoming alerts to identify which events belong to which environment, determine what their impact is and decide what actions should be taken. It is a time consuming process that leads to slow detection and recovery times.

Using simple but powerful filters, IT teams can now create custom monitoring environments for any logical grouping of their IT infrastructure. BigPanda Environments lets teams create a mash-up of multiple monitoring tools, and only include the alerts that are associated for that environment. Easily create custom monitoring views that only include alerts for specific applications, teams, customers and data centers. This lets you remove interference of irrelevant alerts and helps your IT and DevOps teams laser focus on their areas of responsibility.

BigPanda Environments make it possible for IT teams to easily create customizable views that are highly focused on specific IT or business criteria. That enables, for example:

  • Application development teams to only see alerts that are relevant to the their application
  • DBA teams to only see database related alerts across multiple clouds and data centers
  • Client services teams to monitor SLA levels for specific customers, such as Fortune 500 accounts

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