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Fast track video series: Turn IT noise into insights and automate incident workflows

Fast track video series: Turn IT noise into insights and automate incident workflows

ITOps, NOC and DevOps teams are overwhelmed by the amount of IT noise generated by multiple monitoring and observability tools. They drown in this noise and can’t focus on real incidents until it’s too late. They are constantly in this reactive firefighting mode as incidents turn into crippling outages affecting downtime, service availability and mean time to resolve.

BigPanda’s AIOps platform helps reduce IT noise by detecting incidents in real time before they are turned into outages. This reduces the frequency and impact of outages that affect critical revenue-generating applications and services. In our latest Fast track series video, we walk you through how you can use BigPanda to help resolve incidents faster and automate incident workflows.


With BigPanda, you can detect, investigate and resolve IT incidents from the same dashboard. Gone are the days of having to swivel between various tools while alternating between dashboards. The BigPanda Open Integration Manager makes it easy to integrate with almost any IT tool you currently use. Some of the many popular ones our customers use are Jira, Asana and LogicMonitor. BigPanda offers a number of self-service tools (like our Email Parser) that ingest data without the need for custom code.

Our Incident 360 Console is the first pane of glass built for ITOps teams where you can view all active incidents needing attention. Within the incident tab, different environments allow different team members to focus on incidents that are the most relevant to them. With the incident feed, you can see a clear overview of each incident. The dynamic titles of incidents point to their common denominator and probable root cause, and you can even see a timeline of events within an incident to see exactly when it turned critical. When you use BigPanda, you can rest assured that these alerts will be enriched with context for faster triage. In the topology view, you can better assess the blast radius of impacted applications. Unified Analytics helps drive organizational improvements with highly interactive ITOps dashboards from complex data.

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