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Fast track video series part 4: Accept and normalize monitoring events from anywhere with BigPanda

Fast track video series: episode 4: accept and normalize monitoring

BigPanda’s Open Integration Manager,  provides an intuitive user interface (UI) where users can easily pre-process and normalize alert data sent via REST APIs without the need for custom code. With this self-service capability, users are able to configure, test and deploy existing out-of-the-box (OOTB) inbound integrations on their own. This new configuration layer simplifies data normalization, accelerates onboarding, and significantly improves time to value. Normalization is a critical step before turning low-quality events into high-quality alerts as monitoring data needs to be translated into one consistent taxonomy, and enriched with operational and topology data, to be able to provide the needed context for correlation and root cause detection.

In our latest video in the Fast track series, we explain how to leverage this ability to avoid having to create custom code for the creation of custom inbound alert integrations. Through the configuration of a generic, out-of-the-box inbound integration, there’s no need for complicated custom code taking up valuable time. Instead, this self-service and intuitive approach streamlines the integration process, accelerates data flow, and enables faster time to value. When configured with the correct parameters (as shown in the video), the Open Integration Manager automatically will ingest the raw data from your tools and normalize it.

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