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Fast track video series: Integrate ticketing and messaging tools with BigPanda

Fast track video series: Integrate ticketing and messaging tools with BigPanda

With distributed IT Operations becoming the norm, most enterprise teams struggle with communication and collaboration within and across the organization. Without proper tools, staying on top of incidents can be challenging, quickly resulting in outages taking longer to resolve. The overall effect: an increase in downtime-related costs and a decrease in performance and availability of services making the mean time to resolve (MTTR) worse.

BigPanda’s AIOps Event Correlation and Automation platform provides IT Opss teams with options they need to rapidly collaborate on, and resolve—incidents and outages. With BigPanda, you get powerful bi-directional integrations for enterprise ticketing and collaboration tools, making your collaboration between IT Ops team members simpler than ever. Many of our integrations can be configured out of the box including Asana, Jira, ServiceNow and more, but users have the option to integrate with any custom tools of their choice. Adding in these integrations is as easy as selecting them in the Integrations tab, creating an app key and following the app’s instructions to complete the setup.


Once a tool is integrated, create an AutoShare policy to automatically share BigPanda tickets with collaboration and ticketing tools. You can conveniently select any target channel you need when setting this up. Taking Slack as an example, when an incident occurs, it’s immediately shared to a Slack channel with the appropriate information required to resolve the issue along with the status of the incident to ensure proper attention. Correlated incident data is also automatically included for your convenience, eliminating manual work, and these alerts are continuously synced and updated.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our platform can simplify your AIOps journey, contact us today to schedule a consultation.