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Fast track video series: Extracting alert data from emails

With BigPanda’s self-service Email Parser, extracting alert data from emails has never been more simple. In our latest video in the Fast track series, we explore the benefits of this tool. This parser is ideal for monitoring tools and systems that do not support REST API and or rely solely on email to generate and send alerts. So no matter what tools your organization utilizes, this feature can help you turn all of those alert emails into actionable incidents within BigPanda’s platform.

Configuring the Email Parser is easy. Simply name the alert source, and BigPanda will generate an app key. Specify where the emails originate, create mapping rules and add any additional tags. Then, configure your monitoring tool to send alert emails to the generated address. You can even preview a sample email to confirm the desired results.


The Email Parser is a streamlined and simplified integration that does not require custom code to configure—this tool extracts alert data such as status and properties right from the email’s subject or body. It even supports text and HTML content for more versatility. This customizable integration makes staying on top of alerts more straightforward. BigPanda ensures your alerts within the platform will be categorized in order of most critical, so your team’s resources and time are being spent wisely.

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