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AIOps and Dell’s latest acquisition

Dell’s recent acquisition of Moogsoft is the most recent validation of the growing market for automated ITOps – also known as AIOps. When legacy companies such as Dell recognize the importance of AIOps it proves the technologies behind automating ITOps are now mainstream and a vital part of every modern IT management stack. We look forward to seeing how Moogsoft’s integration into Dell will play out over the coming years.

At BigPanda, providing core AIOps services such as automated actionable alerts and incident intelligence has always been baked into our mission. Our AIOps platform is open, technology agnostic, and delivers value within days, not months. Recently, BigPanda was named a Strong Performer in the first-ever Forrester Wave™ for Process-Centric AI for IT Operations. Forrester’s report is particularly meaningful because it reflects our commitment to customer outcomes and ease of use. It also speaks to our successful strategy of embedding powerful generative AI, advanced machine learning, and automation into all aspects of our enterprise-scale platform.

“We’ve automated an average of 83% of alerts that come into BigPanda. Meaning the bulk of our alerts now get resolved automatically or receive a ticket without our team having to manually investigate it from beginning to end.”
-Mark Peterson, IT operations supervisor, Cambia Health Solutions

As AIOps market expands, we will continue to drive the principles that have differentiated our offering and fueled BigPanda’s market leadership:

  • Open data strategy: Most enterprises have tens or hundreds of tools and technologies in their IT stack. BigPanda has always recognized the importance of integrating with ALL these tools, so that customers can leverage AI to unlock value from the tools they already use.
  • Explainable AI: Our philosophy is that AI & ML works best when the logic & automation they drive is explainable to IT Ops teams in plain English. Many AIOps tools have a “Black Box” approach – meaning that teams cannot view, understand or tweak how the AI works. This leads to gaps in understanding, trust and adoption. In contrast, BigPanda’s approach to AI is “Open Box”: providing maximum transparency, trust & control to our users.
  • Fast & easy adoption: Our focus has always been on building products that are easy to use (no data scientists required) and that can deliver value fast (days not months).
  • Focus on partnering with customers: Every customer is different in their people, processes and tooling. That impacts how each company starts their AIOps journey, and what they hope to achieve. Our approach has always been to be a partner, not a vendor. We are committed to meeting our customers where they are and to do whatever it takes to make them successful.
  • Invest in innovation: We are committed to ongoing investment in R&D to ensure that our offering remains best in class. The bulk of the $210m in venture funding that we raised in 2022 is being invested in product innovation, furthering the BigPanda use of AI to enable autonomous IT operations.

BigPanda is continuously investing in keeping our offering at the forefront of AIOps innovation. If you are considering AIOps, particularly in light of the recent Dell announcement, we think the time is right. Just reach out, we’d love to show you BigPanda in action.

“Don’t wait to start your AIOps journey once you are overwhelmed with alerts. Start early to get a single pane of glass to understand which monitoring tools you really need.”
Sanjay Chandra, Vice President of Information Technology, Lucid Motors