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Fast Track Video Series: See a demonstration of BigPanda’s Incident Intelligence and Automation Platform

Getting started with BigPanda

BigPanda transforms millions of events into a small number of actionable alerts, no matter where they originate. How? Watch this video to learn more.

The video shows how BigPanda allows you to normalize tag values across all tools, aiding event enrichment and correlation. The open integration manager then makes it easy to pre-process the event data helping to filter unwanted events from the feed. The filtering strips out duplicate and low-relevancy events and keeps them from cluttering up the console.

At the same time, enrichment adds context to the events that do enter the feed.

BigPanda allows you to use a variety of tags to provide contextual data. For example, in the video, through extraction, the affected environment from the service name and through composition storage information from the incoming events is added to the alert. The Fast track series video shows the difference tags can make in enriching alerts and improving management.

BigPanda also improves and streamlines visibility. The platform’s Unified Analytics allows for the visualization of trends and problems in monitoring data. The Alert Analysis Dashboard helps your teams see patterns in your alert payloads. And the enrichment dashboard can help you see the effectiveness of your enrichment configuration.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation if you’re interested in discovering more about how our platform can help with your AIOps journey.