AIOps’ certainty in an uncertain future

AIOps' certainty in an uncertain future

BigPanda’s recent coronation as a Unicorn has prompted its leaders to look to the future of IT Operations and how it relates to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine lifiearning (ML). What is BigPanda’s role in improving IT Ops? How can AIOps contribute to greater achievement in global enterprises? These are questions a VP of Product Marketing like BigPanda’s Mohan Kompella, who has spent 15+ years in IT Operations, has been asking. We sat down with him to get his perspective on where AIOps is today and how BigPanda is poised to contribute to its growth—and ultimately revolutionize IT Operations.

What is AIOps? (And what does Gartner have to say about it?)

Mohan’s succinct definition of AIOps is “the use of AI and machine learning in the area of IT Operations.” While there has been plenty of buzz about AIOps over the last couple of years, AI isn’t just hype anymore, and AIOps isn’t just hype either. It’s an effective way for enterprises to “get a handle on the tsunami of overwhelming data, noise, tickets, etc.” says Mohan. Gartner supports the drive to AIOps, even going so far as to say that it’s the future of IT Operations.

The cloud has broken IT Operations

With too many alerts, tickets, notifications, and problems, IT Operations is not equipped to handle the move to the cloud. As enterprises onboard more microservices and digitally transform, the influx of data and noise grows. Without using AI in IT Operations, or in other words, without using an AIOps platform, IT Operations can’t keep up. But with AIOps, IT Ops teams can introduce automation to improve productivity and better drive digital transformation projects. Mohan points out that they find the biggest bang for their buck by starting with AIOps focused on event correlation and automation.

Why event correlation automation?

Sitting at the center of the AIOps stack, event correlation and automation delivers three vital improvements for enterprises:
– Dramatic improvement in operational efficiency, including cost reduction
– Significant improvement in performance and availability of critical apps and services
– Increase in organizational velocity and agility

With this latest round of funding, BigPanda is going to be able to “turbocharge”—as Mohan puts it—innovation and research and development engines. The funding has been a massive validation not just for BigPanda’s AIOps platform, but for the AIOps market as a whole. By empowering IT Operations with event correlation techniques, root-cause analysis methods, and automating the incident management lifecycle, incident management software, BigPanda will minimize downtime, deliver extraordinary user experiences and help organizations thrive in an uncertain future.

Although one thing is for certain: AIOps will be leading the IT Ops charge.