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A Letter to Our Customers and Future Customers

In light of the current macroeconomic environment, BigPanda is announcing today that we are streamlining and restructuring our company to better execute on our mission. We are doing this now to ensure that we have a solid financial runway to continue investing in the fast-growing enterprise AIOps market for many years to come. In the spirit of active transparency, we are sharing this news here and directly with our customers.

To all current and future customers, here is what this restructuring means to you:

  • We are rebalancing our product roadmap to increase investment in key innovations such as Unified Analytics, Unified Topology, and our Open Data Strategy.
  • We are appointing a new Chief Customer Officer (Joanna Johnston) to manage the post-sales customer experience and champion customer-centric programs across the company.
  • We are realigning Customer Support into R&D and appointing a new support leader (starting May 1st) to further tighten our enterprise customer experience.
  • We are transitioning our Customer Success function to more technical solution architects to drive better customer outcomes.
  • We are appointing a new Chief Marketing Officer (starting April 24th) to better communicate our vision for AIOps.
  • We are positioning our company for even greater financial strength, by significantly lowering our annual burn rate on top of our recent $207m fund raising activity.

To be clear, these changes will have no impact on our company vision and core product strategy. We’re still committed to providing an open data platform that provides comprehensive service intelligence and automation, with a fast & easy customer experience – all delivered on an enterprise grade platform. This mission and strategy remain the same.

These changes will, however, help us better execute on this mission and better serve our customers.

We sincerely value your partnership and look forward to our continued successes together.

-Assaf Resnick, Co-founder & CEO