2018 Predictions Report for Enterprise IT Operations

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2018 is looking like another tumultuous year for IT Operations. What challenges and opportunities will your team face this year?

Our new report – The Modern NOC: IT Ops Predictions for 2018 – features 9 key predictions for our industry, grounded in the latest market research.

Whether you are an IT executive, NOC manager or DevOps engineer, this 2018 Predictions report is for you. Which of these issues and trends will affect your enterprise?

    • 80% of DevOps organizations tell Gartner that by 2021, ALL new services will be deployed in the cloud – How will this impact legacy event management systems?
    • 71% of enterprises are implementing or expanding IT automation this year – What does this mean for the role of the NOC?
    • 68% of IT organizations are dealing with high customer expectations for better experiences – Will today’s IT monitoring tools meet these demands?
    • 50% of CIOs want to advance beyond the automation of routine tasks to support more complex decision-making – What does this mean for IT analytics & machine learning?

Explore this analysis and its conclusions in our free 2018 Predictions report.
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Each 2018 prediction includes the latest industry data from credible market influencers such as Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Digital Enterprise Journal, KPMG and the U.S. Government, among others. Each prediction ends with specific implications for your IT Ops team.

To give you just a taste of what’s included, here’s Prediction #7

IT Event Hubs Emerge in Open Integration Platforms

Open integration has been a key component of many IT operations platforms, with some claiming to be a “system of record” thanks to wide interoperability with myriad apps and tools. However, market momentum will build for integration hubs specific to IT event management. Several vendors are offering their version of a central incident data bus that marries ITOM monitoring to ITSM ticketing systems. These special integration hubs incorporate real-time monitoring data, change data, runbooks, even non-IT data streams – anything that can add necessary context for speedier mean time to resolution. Such hubs could perfectly support intelligent workflows such as auto-remediation performed by ITSM systems. Seamless integration between monitoring tools and IT operational analytic systems could flow through them. “Event hubs” will exist in parallel, not as a replacement, with systems of record.

2018 Implication for Your IT Operations team:
Not all vendor claims of “open integration” are created equal. Evaluate them for their ability to add contextual data to speed incident resolution.


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