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Many IT teams have been forced to rethink their AIOps plans, delay deployments and deal with runaway costs due to shifts in their vendor roadmap. This is particularly true of customers who selected Moogsoft to support their AIOps strategy.

As customers evaluate their options, BigPanda stands out in three important ways:

A solution that just works

BigPanda is purpose-built for Event Correlation and Automation. BigPanda strongly adheres to a pragmatic product and feature design, test and rollout philosophy. That means BigPanda features, including those demonstrated in POVs, are immediately available to users in production.

What a customer said:
BigPanda doesn’t just have patents. They have a real product.”

Rapid time-to-value

BigPanda is the right solution for those who can’t afford to be in “experiment” mode for months or years. It starts with a documented plan before the deployment starts, and a typical go-live of 10-12 weeks.

What a customer said:
When they say “rapid time-to-value, they aren’t kidding. We uncovered performance issues even during our Proof of Value with BigPanda.

True cost savings

BigPanda helps customers manage costs, whether they are trying to take on more technology without increasing risk and headcount or needing to maintain current operations while deploying headcount elsewhere.

What a customer said:
“We were able to redeploy three highly-valued FTE’s off the daily maintenance of Moog ‘situations,’ giving us much-needed support elsewhere and giving them a new lease on life.”

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Open Integration Hub

In addition to the business benefits BigPanda delivers, there are technology differentiators which drive many customers to make the move.

Rapid integrations

To get the greatest value from an AIOps platform, IT teams must get all their data in one place. This is often the biggest, most costly and over-looked barrier to success – particularly when vendors like Moogsoft have complex, proprietary methods for data integration.

BigPanda provides dozens of out-of-the-box integrations and an open API so IT Ops teams can rapidly bring in data from custom, home-grown applications and tools, avoiding the typical costs and time that come with centralizing data.

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Open Box Machine Learning

Reduce complexity, increase confidence with BigPanda’s Open Box Machine Learning

Like Moogsoft, many machine learning tools take a “black box” approach, limiting how teams see, understand and control the underlying logic. This leads to trust, adoption and reliability issues.

With BigPanda Open Box Machine Learning, the logic is explained in plain English. Teams can edit this logic to add situational context without requiring expert data scientists. Teams can also run what-if experiments on live production data to make sure their changes work as intended before deploying them – promoting higher trust and adoption of the machine learning throughout the organization.

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Event Correlation

Reduce noise, improve incident insights with BigPanda Event Correlation

Vendors like Moogsoft struggle with technical deficiencies in how they correlate, normalize and enrich event data, which can create challenges for customers:

  • Low-quality correlation results in false positives which create noise, or worse, false negatives that prevent IT Ops teams from detecting incidents before they escalate into outages
  • Some enterprises invest in homegrown normalization and enrichment engines, or turn to third-party tools as a stop-gap measure to improve the quality of processed alerts before forwarding them to Moogsoft. This results in unplanned engineering and administration costs, and increases the complexity of the AIOps deployment

BigPanda’s native enrichment capabilities are robust and highly scalable, with the ability to enrich millions of records from all sources of operational and topology data, including CMDB, asset and topology tools, infrastructure-as-code topology sources, APM / network maps, and custom asset and process inventories.

BigPanda translates those diverse IT datasets into one consistent taxonomy, represented using general-purpose key-value pairs called “tags.” BigPanda performs this in real time using multiple out-of-the-box and custom normalization methods. Users can also modify BigPanda’s machine learning-generated logic to ensure that the right alerts are always being correlated together.

Once collected and correlated, these events create highly-enriched incidents. Without the distraction of alert noise or fear of missing something, operations teams can take action on evolving incidents as they form, in real-time.

Event Correlation

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Move from on-prem restrictions to BigPanda’s modern, SaaS-based architecture 

In 2020, as most teams were forced to run IT Operations remotely, having rigid, on-premises tools created major challenges for Moogsoft customers.

BigPanda’s SaaS-native, microservices-based platform architecture provides built-in elastic scaling that can handle spikes in data volumes with no lag or degradation in performance. BigPanda provides best-in-industry uptime and performance, and provides high-availability via built-in load-balancing, replication and backups. 

Best of all, BigPanda was architected from the ground up to support seamless releases. New code is rolled out to production gradually without affecting live users.

Enterprises and their IT Ops, NOC DevOps and SRE teams rely on BigPanda 24x7x365 to handle all loads, with no latency, no disruptions and no downtime.