AO Tenets

Autonomous Operations (AO) Platforms have three tenets

1. they are based on Machine Learning

2. they provide an Autonomous Layer that automates your incident management lifecycle

3. they provide an Integration Hub to tie together all your existing IT tools

Machine Learning

AO’s Machine Learning engine delivers real-time automation logic that continuously learns from and adapts to your dynamic IT environment.

The core tenets of Machine Learning (ML) include:

Transparency: Your ops teams can easily visualize and understand the automation logic created by the ML engine.

Trust: The ML engine is highly deterministic and generates the same results reliably time after time.

Control: Your ops teams can augment the ML automation logic with their situational knowledge that is unique to your organization.

LØ Autonomous Layer

AO’s LØ Autonomous Layer leverages machine learning to automate significant portions of the incident management lifecycle. What can’t be automated is seamlessly escalated to your ops teams for resolution.

The core tenets of the LØ Autonomous Layer include:

Transparency: Your ops teams can easily visualize and understand the automation logic used by LØ to automate all aspects of incident response.

Configurability: Your ops teams have complete control over the level of automation (M/L assisted vs. fully autonomous) at a highly granular level (e.g. per team, application, incident type, etc.).

Control: LØ provides your ops teams complete control regarding which teams (e.g. L1, L2, L3 teams) to escalate incidents to, when, and how.

Integration Hub

AO’s Integration Hub seamlessly connects with a diverse and ever-changing ecosystem of legacy and modern tools across different technology domains.

The core tenets of the Integration Hub include:

Time-to-Value: Within weeks, your ops teams can easily integrate all six categories of tools (monitoring, topology, change mgmt, collaboration, business intelligence and remediation).

Real-time Insights: The hub supports real-time high-speed data ingest and integration across these tools silos to unlock and share powerful insights.

Future-Proof: Your ops teams can easily absorb and integrate new tools stacks that your organization adopts on a daily basis.