Transform initiatives

Hybrid cloud

BigPanda was built from the ground-up for hybrid cloud

BigPanda provides awareness across your hybrid IT environments, spanning legacy, homegrown, on-prem, and cloud infrastructures. Our platform offers cross-domain correlation, enrichment, and AI/ML to identify impact mapping within dynamic architectures. Change feeds from traditional change management systems are also used within incidents to quickly identify probable root cause.

Why enterprises are moving to hybrid IT stacks

In recent years, companies across all industries have embarked on complex, multi-year cloud adoption and migration journeys. In their transition state, which often lasts decades, enterprises need to operate both traditional on-premise systems and modern cloud-based applications. In other words, enterprises today operate hybrid IT stacks and will realistically continue to operate these hybrid stacks for the next several years.

They’re doing this because one or more of these reasons:

  • Order-of-magnitude improvement in development velocity and infrastructure scaling
  • Improved system stability and performance due to increased redundancy
  • Reduced costs through elasticity and reduced infrastructure maintenance burden
  • Necessity – it’s the only option for many enterprises

This transformation initiative creates two main problems for IT operations:

Hybrid cloud = IT Ops complexity


Centralized visibility into hybrid cloud environments is hard

There are tools for traditional IT stacks, and there are tools for modern, cloud-native IT stacks. But enterprises – wary of silo-ed tools, and wanting to provide their IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams centralized visibility across both traditional and modern stacks – struggle.

Negative impact on your business:

Increased operating costs, and performance and availability challenges: IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams don’t have cohesive, end-to-end visibility into applications and services that span hybrid IT stacks. Teams are unable to detect incidents when they happen and, instead, have to constantly operate in a reactive firefighting mode. This increases downtime and other related costs, and decreases the performance and availability of critical applications and services.

BigPanda’s solution

BigPanda provides centralized visibility across enterprise hybrid stacks

BigPanda was architected from the ground-up to provide consistent visibility across all generations of infrastructure, including mainframes, bare-metal servers, private & public clouds, containers and serverless, by letting you easily integrate with all of your monitoring tools.

This includes monitoring tools for traditional IT stacks, and modern IT stacks, and it includes commercial, legacy, homegrown, open source and custom monitoring tools.

Positive impact on your business:

Reduced operating costs, and improved performance and availability: By giving IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams cohesive, end-to-end visibility into applications and services that span hybrid IT stacks, BigPanda makes it easy to detect problems in real-time, before they escalate into costly, crippling outages.

Increased resolution times


Detecting, investigating and resolving incidents and outages in hybrid IT stacks is hard

Modern IT environments consist of hybrid IT stacks. These stacks encompass both

  • dynamic, cloud-native architectures that consist of containers, Kubernetes, microservices, infrastructure-as-code etc. which change constantly and rapidly, and
  • slower-moving, on-prem IT systems, applications and infrastructure

But ITSM methodologies and tools as well as other traditional approaches like CMDB, Change Management and Problem Management, were designed for environments with infrequent changes by humans and periodical auto-discovery jobs. As a result, they cannot address operational challenges posed by these modern hybrid IT environments.

Negative impact on your business:

Increased operating costs: Hybrid cloud environments are complex and noisy, and suffer from frequent, painful and prolonged incidents and outages. Enterprises resort to headcount growth in an attempt to detect, investigate and resolve those incidents and outages. This is expensive.

Performance and availability problems: Traditional IT Ops practices such as Change Management, Problem Management and traditional IT Ops tools like CMDBs were designed/built for on-prem applications and not built for cloud-native applications. So, as companies migrate to the cloud and operate hybrid cloud stacks, these tools and practices are ineffective and make incidents/outages more frequent, more painful and prolonged.

Decreased business velocity:

  • When critical revenue and customer-facing applications and services suffer frequent problems (downtime, performance issues), customer loyalty and revenue both take a hit. Business velocity in affected business units slows down.
  • In hybrid IT environments, because the L1 teams inside central IT Ops/NOC teams can’t handle and/or resolve many issues, they indiscriminately escalate them to L3s and DevOps teams who are then pulled away from strategic projects. This slows down business velocity.

BigPanda’s solution

BigPanda makes it easier to detect, investigate and resolve incidents and outages in hybrid IT stacks

BigPanda’s Realtime Topology Mesh, which ingests topology data from both legacy and modern topology sources to create an always up-to-date, full-stack topology model enables contextual enrichment, correlation and impact mapping even in dynamic architectures and cloud environments. This helps enterprises overcome the limitations of traditional CMDBs in hybrid IT environments.

Additionally, BigPanda’s Root Cause Changes capability connects directly with all change feeds/tools including modern cloud-based change feeds, and traditional change management systems, aggregates their data, and uses OBML technology to surface root cause changes that cause incidents and outages.

Positive impact on your business:

Reduced operating costs: BigPanda augments existing IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE teams ability to handle complex and noisy hybrid IT environments, so enterprises don’t have to resort to costly headcount increases.

Performance and availability problems: BigPanda’s Real-time Topology Mesh helps enterprises rapidly detect and investigate incidents and outages in hybrid IT environments, reducing MTTR and improving performance and availability.

Decreased business velocity:

  • By reducing the frequency and duration of outages, BigPanda helps enterprises continue to deliver superior customer experiences and sustain business velocity.
  • By helping L1 teams achieve a 3-4x higher resolution rate In hybrid IT environments, BigPanda significantly reduces the need for L3s, developers and DevOps teams to be pulled away from strategic projects.

Our IT Operations team transitioned to working from home while experiencing a surge of new business—the likes we only see during Christmas and Black Friday normally. BigPanda helps us with a unified view of our IT environment from one console.”

Ben Narramore
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