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Is your team able to move fast for the business without creating risk?

BigPanda can help. We partner with organizations to provide domain-agnostic event correlation, root cause analysis (RCA) and level-0 automation. The result is reduced operating costs, improved performance and availability of applications and services and increased business velocity.


operating costs


performance and availability of aps/services


business velocity

BigPanda really helps us reduce all our noise levels, get that aggregation done, get that enrichment done, and then produce actionable incidents so somebody can be paged to look at it.”

Dan Grace, Global Technology Operations Leader

Challenges facing today’s IT operations leaders

Organizations’ IT environment is becoming increasingly fragmented and fast-moving, leading to several issues that inhibit innovation. 

IT operating costs must increase to keep up with the business

Rising IT complexity. Too many monitoring tools. Runaway headcount growth. Hundreds of critical applications and services suffering frequent, lengthy outages. Too many escalations to expensive L3 and DevOps teams. All these factors drive up operating costs.

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Complexity leads to poor performance and availability of critical applications and services

Massive alert noise. Teams stuck in reactive firefighting. Continued reliance on slow and error-prone manual workflows. Fragmented team collaboration.

These factors contribute to poor performance and availability of critical applications and services…which can result in terrible user experiences, diminished customer loyalty and ultimately, revenue loss.

There is a constant battle between digital transformation and keeping the lights on

Transformation projects increase IT complexity and creates a rising tide of incidents and outages that overwhelms teams. IT operations teams can’t scale because many workflows are still overly manual.

High-value resources who should be focusing on innovation and strategic projects instead get pulled into firefighting mode. Business teams feel the bottlenecks as critical transformation projects are put at risk.

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BigPanda leads the way with domain-agnostic AIOps

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How does BigPanda solve these issues? 

BigPanda breaks down silos, provides full stack visibility and enables collaboration across organizations’ entire operational ecosystem.

Reduce IT operational costs by up to 50%

Manage growing data complexity and volumes and IT incidents without having to grow headcount. Boost L1 resolution rates and reduce unnecessary escalations to expensive L3 and DevOps teams. Get more out of the tools that you now have. Lower downtime related costs by reducing Mean Time to Resolve.

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Increase performance and availability by reducing MTTR up to 40%

Detect incidents early, before they escalate into outages that affect your critical services and impact your customers’ experience. Quickly uncover the root cause of incidents and get the right teams involved for rapid resolution. Move teams to a proactive mode and automate and streamline workflows…reducing downtime and increasing uptime.

Increase business velocity by freeing up valuable resources

Automate, streamline and help your existing teams scale and support the demands from new digital services – while reducing the frequency, duration and impact of incidents and outages…so your organization can innovate and move faster, and reduce the risk of transformation.

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