BigPanda for midsize enterprises

Event Correlation and Automation for midsize enterprises, powered by AIOps

BigPanda simplifies incident response for IT Operations, with pre-built integrations and an easy learning curve for operators. As your business grows and adds applications and digital offerings, BigPanda helps you scale IT operations without increasing complexity or cost.

IT Ops that can't scale

The frequency, severity and duration of incidents and outages are increasing.

Service availability issues

Critical applications and services are being affected, making users and customers unhappy.
Funnel - gears + danger

No time to innovate

More time is being spent on firefighting instead of working on projects that help you grow the business.

Find out how to avoid outages as you scale with AIOps

BigPanda Core – for fast-growing IT Ops

Our domain-agnostic AIOps solution helps IT Operations teams ensure performance of critical systems, deliver amazing customer experiences, and scale bandwidth to support business growth by three-to-five times without having to add headcount.

We do this by centralizing IT Ops events, then applying Machine Learning-derived correlation patterns to eliminate noise and bundle related events into actionable incidents. This gives teams insight to speed up resolution and minimize downtime.

BigPanda also automates low-value tasks to make teams more effective, while ensuring that everyone who needs to work on an incident has the full contextual information they need.

Components of BigPanda Core

Integration and enrichment

Attaches operational and business context to alerts, helping reveal patterns and relationships


Intelligently detects relationships among events and combines them into actionable incidents


Automatically triggers incident workflows, assigns team members and creates tickets

Real-time Topology Mesh

Maintains a real-time, always up-to-date visual topology model of the IT stack

Core analytics

Provides insights into BigPanda workflows and visualizes trends in monitoring data

Incident 360 console

Unified central console for IT Ops to analyze, investigate and resolve incidents

BigPanda’s SaaS-based platform helps you control operating costs, ensure service availability and increase business growth.

MSE Customer Success

No matter the size of your  enterprise, prevent and resolve outages with BigPanda

BigPanda locks in success for modernized IT Ops

BigPanda follows a proven approach to help customers build more efficient, streamlined IT Ops that can readily evolve alongside business and techology changes:

First we understand your needs and apply a consultative mindset to personalize the implementation

Second, we fit within your environment, working with your existing tools, systems and processes

Third, we support your team with complete training and onboarding to launch a long-term relationship

The BigPanda Turbo Pack – created especially for midsize enterprises

A complete solution that includes access to BigPanda’s proven platform and rapid deployment support support.

So, what are you waiting for?