ITSM – IT Tools for the DevOps Era

ITSM Strategy Requires Monitoring Savvy

Make managing modern apps scale.

Managing IT operations is a thankless job. Nobody notices when services are up… and everyone wants your head on a platter the second they’re not. That hasn’t changed and yet everything else about delivering IT services has. Apps are more critical than ever, cloud infrastructure is more complex, more code changes pushed more frequently introduce more risk than ever, and downtime is more costly because your customers are only a click away from your competitors.

Yesterday’s ITSM tools and process aren’t compatible with the pace and complexity of today’s incident management. Network operations center best practices must include CMDB awareness, cloud monitoring, server monitoring and end user experience monitoring. ITIL best practices are necessary but not sufficient to manage and monitor modern apps.

What you need is a monitoring dashboard for incident management.

The only way to deliver high-quality IT services today is to manage the deluge of data with a modern approach to service assurance. Machine-generated data must be aggregated and synthesized from all monitoring sources to understand which issues are actionable. Smart operators working with smart software are required to support the modern apps and services required to provide the competitive advantage your organization expects.

Only BigPanda’s data science platform for IT operations manages machine data across all of your monitoring tools like Nagios, Icinga, Zabbix, and Pingdom to instantly deliver timely, relevant, actionable incidents that can be triaged by support teams. Only BigPanda suppresses up to 99% of irrelevant alerts by clustering related ones, mapping infrastructure changes to incidents, visualizing patterns in chaotic event streams, and making it easy to deliver exceptional support without adding headcount.