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Service Reliability with IT Ops from Home

Use BigPanda to run the NOC from one screen


Many IT Ops teams are being forced to reinvent ways of maintaining system availability while working remotely.

Here are some valuable resources that can help.

Managing IT Operations in Times of Crisis

As reliance on online services increases, IT Ops teams have become more important than ever as they remotely manage incidents 24/7, across all applications, systems and networks.

Jason Walker, former head of the GNOC at Blizzard Entertainment, explains how CIOs and their IT Operations teams can adapt to the immediate and long-term challenges this crisis is creating, evolve their organizations to survive in the short-term and be well-positioned for success in the long-term.


The BigPanda Advantage for IT Ops from Home

Our customers shared the three most critical BigPanda capabilities that have enabled their transition to remote operations

Operations Console

Simple and intuitive, the BigPanda Operations Console helps remote IT Ops, NOC and DevOps teams accelerate real-time and historical root cause analyses. It visualizes real-time incident topologies, simplifies incident sharing with the right teams and tools, and much more.

Open Integration Hub

BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub provides a broad set of connectors and APIs that ingest alerts from monitoring, change tracking, and topology tools. It shares correlated incidents and probable root cause with users in collaboration, ticketing and notification systems.

Unified Analytics

BigPanda Unified Analytics helps IT ops managers and execs maintain visibility of KPIs and metrics using both ad-hoc and custom reports, even while working remotely. This helps easily measure, improve and communicate IT Ops metrics with other stakeholders.

A Tale of Two ITOps Teams

On-demand webinar featuring Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst, 451 Research & Mohan Kompella, VP of Product Marketing, BigPanda

Meet two IT teams. One lives in constant fear that somewhere, someone will change something seemingly benign and trigger the dreaded P1 incident. They spend entirely too many hours of their lives on calls between 15 different teams trying to figure out what caused the outage, while the clock ticks, MTTR rates skyrocket and customer satisfaction plummets. The other decided to take a phased approach to IT Ops modernization.


7 Ways to Empower your Teams and Business

This infographic provides simple reminders about how to help teams stay engaged, positive and productive during a crisis.


Tips for Modern NOCs

These primers provide educational content, including how-to videos, about three common IT Ops challenges

Ease the Pain of Ticket Creation

Alleviate Incident Routing Bottlenecks

Simplify IT Ops Reporting

IT Ops from Home Accelerator Program

BigPanda is Ready to Help

BigPanda CEO, Assaf Resnick, explains the 90-day free “IT Ops from home” accelerator program


When You Just Need a Good Laugh

The Hard NOC Life series is always good for a chuckle about the world of IT Ops teams, and now they are remote as well

Working From Home

Consolidated Remote Monitoring

Sharing Resources in #ITOpsfromhome

COVID-19 and Business Continuity

COVID-19 and Business Continuity

In the last three months, as so many companies have had to reinvent themselves entirely, BigPanda has maintained our focus on supporting the IT Ops heroes who are working tirelessly to keep their businesses running.

  • We are working 24/7 for you: we are committed to delivering our services across the globe without disruption
  • Our team is working safely and remotely: we moved every BigPanda employee into remote operations and while we stopped all travel, we created new engagement paths, including virtual events, ad-hoc conversations channels on Slack and frequent outreach from every member of our team.
  • We are here when you need us: Our CTO and Product teams are providing tips for remote operations and ways organizations can come out of this crisis stronger and more agile. A few examples:
    • Jason Walker, one of our Field CTO's and former head of the IT Ops Center at Blizzard Entertainment, published a piece that could help leaders manage through the crisis.
    • This IT Ops from Home page features a collection of tips, tools and offers for IT Ops teams who are looking for ways to improve event correlation or incident workflows while running operations remotely.
    • To accelerate remote operations, BigPanda is offering a 90-day free IT Ops from Home accelerator program to every organization who simply can’t afford downtime - especially organizations in Essential Critical Infrastructure or markets that have been severely affected by COVID-19.

We will continue to do everything we can to support you and your business and keep you up to date every step of the way. One of our customers recently shared a phrase about their company that resonates with us: “COVID did not define who we are. It revealed who we are.”

If you have any questions or concerns or have ideas on how we can help, please let your BigPanda team know. We are here to support you in these challenging times.