Resolve '21 - A next-gen IT Ops Community Experience

RESOLVE ‘21 is the only virtual conference designed exclusively for IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE professionals who are creating the next-gen operations environment with AIOps, machine learning, automation and world-class incident management.

We are excited to announce our keynote speaker, Steve Wozniak, along with an agenda packed with networking opportunities, an industry keynote speaker, eight breakout sessions, games and more.

RESOLVE ‘21 runs from 8:00am PST (11:00am EST) to 12:00pm PST (3:00pm EST).

Pandapalooza is BigPanda’s first customer festival that happens right after RESOLVE ‘21.

All conference guests are invited to stay on the platform to network with BigPanda customers, hear from BigPanda’s Engineering, Product and Customer Success teams, and get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the platform.

Pandapalooza runs from 12:00pm PST (3:00pm EST) to 2:00pm PST (5:00pm EST).

Both events are hosted the Panda way.

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Conference Agenda

This is a sneak peek at the sessions being planned. More details, including speaker names, titles, companies and abstracts will be revealed shortly!

Start (PST) Thursday, March 18
7:30am Early access and networking
8:00am Open Session and Executive Roundtable with Lumen Technologies and Expedia
9:00am Networking/gaming break
9:15am Breakout 1:
VSP’s IT Ops team delivers on vision for modernized tech stack
Breakout 2:
Autonomy, complexity and noise: How IT Operations at an F1000 Bank balanced the unbalanceable
Breakout 3:
You think you know them but you’re wrong: how Equifax became the analytics company that powered through COVID
Breakout 4:
Eliminating bottlenecks with automation: how US Foods modernized IT Operations one process at a time
10:00am Networking/gaming break
10:15am Breakout 5:
Satisfying the fast-paced financial business: how OneMain modernized complex IT Ops environments
Breakout 6:
Automation in five steps: How the ESM team at Waste Management created a systematic process to reduce manual processes
Breakout 7:
When what you do really helps save the world: how Abbott Labs IT Ops team responded to COVID
Breakout 8:
Wiley’s CIO, Sean Mack, writes the book on IT Ops modernization
11:00am The world according to Woz: a fireside chat with Steve Wozniak
11:30pm Pandamonium LIVE!
followed by Pandapalooza main stage: The State of AIOps
12:30pm Networking/gaming break
12:45pm Breakout 9:
Getting ready for tomorrow, today: The mantra for IT operations maturity at the Expedia Group
Breakout 10:
Wiley gets their groove on: Making decisions with data-driven IT Ops
Breakout 11:
Unplugged: How modern IT Ops migrates to the cloud while still rockin’ it on prem
1:45pm Steve Poltz Jam Session followed by
Executive Fireside Chat: Meet the people leading the next-gen IT Ops movement
2:45pm End of the Pandapalooza

Top five reasons to attend


There is no other virtual conference like it. Sessions are specifically developed by and for IT Ops professionals.


Speakers are focused on hot topics like AIOps, machine learning and automation – all in the context of incident management and IT Operations. And all to help you prevent and resolve incidents and outages faster.


Every session is geared around practitioners sharing ideas, best practices and lessons learned – we promise you will leave with a few new things to think about and try.


This is a community event…not a vendor commercial. You will not hear endorsements, sit through clunky demos or be asked to buy anything.


Did we mention Steve Wozniak will keynote the events? Register now!

Join us for an incredible session with Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder. A Silicon Valley icon, technology entrepreneur and philanthropist for more than forty years, Steve helped shape the computing industry with his design of Apple’s first line of products the Apple I and II.

Steve recently co-founded Woz U, a postsecondary education and training platform focused on software engineering and technology development. He also co-founded Efforce, which leverages disparate applications of blockchain technology.

Hear what Steve has to say about the importance of technology in a post-COVID world. Register now!

Steve Wozniak

Panda way

What’s the “Panda way?” Like everything else BigPanda does, both conferences will be informative, interactive and fun for everyone. We don’t allow sales pitches, no pushy vendors and no “death by Powerpoint.”

RESOLVE ‘21 and Pandapalooza. Two great events where you and your peers can share big ideas, best practices and lessons learned.

If you have any questions or need help registering for this event, drop a note to