IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE professionals: RESOLVE is YOUR conference

As an IT Ops professional, you’ve experienced incredible change over the past few years. We know how hard you and your teams are working to keep your organization’s digital services running. The good news is, you’re not alone.

On May 18, hundreds of people came together for RESOLVE, an event specifically designed around the IT Ops, NOC, DevOps or SRE community.

Now in its third year, RESOLVE ‘22 is where you can hear from your peers while learning how they are addressing similar challenges that you are facing. Now on-demand, you can listen to two enlightening keynote discussions, twelve sessions with real-world practices from your peers, check out the job board, or download loads of tools to help you understand what is happening with AI for IT Ops, how to automate incident management, how to handle hybrid/multi-cloud, and more.

Here’s what you won’t get: speakers who are sharing theoretical concepts, vendor pitches, or boring sessions with thousands of slides. Check out the list of RESOLVE speakers below and you’ll see they are from companies you respect, each doing the same work you do and sharing their best practices, lessons learned or success stories.

Register for RESOLVE and view sessions from these organizations:

Insight Partners
Lumen Technologies
Sony PlayStation
Star CIO
Wells Fargo
Waste Management
Northwell Health
Dell Technologies


Sanjay Poonen

Sanjay Poonen

Former COO of VMware and President of SAP

Sanjay Poonen
Sanjay Poonen

Former COO of VMware and President of SAP

What is the value of enterprise data? Listen now to BigPanda CEO Assaf Resnick in a fireside chat with Sanjay Poonen, former COO of VMware and President of SAP to hear why CIOs are taking a strategic approach to Cloud Data Platforms, analytics and AI.

Sanjay was instrumental in growing VMware from a $6B company to $12B as he oversaw all business functions and architected VMware’s multi-cloud deals with public-cloud players such as AWS, Azure, and Google. Prior to VMWare, Sanjay was President of SAP, where he helped the company grow from $10B to $20B with a focus on analytics, big data, and industry solutions.

5 reasons to be a part of RESOLVE

Resolve 1

Hear first-hand from IT leaders who’ve been where you are now

Two Resolve

See how automation can relieve your IT staff, help you innovate, and improve your bottom line

3 Resolve

Network with your IT Ops, NOC, DevOps and SRE peers

Resolve 4

Takeaway valuable insight to share with your business

Resolve 5

Make smarter decisions that lead to better customer experiences and higher revenue