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BigPanda | IT Ops Event Correlation

The agile approach to monitoring

How Millennium Management enables tech flexibility without increasing risk of incidents

  • Mike Gendelman, Cloud Engineer, Millennium Management

Executive Roundtable with Lumen Technologies and Expedia

Lumen Technologies and Expedia leaders discuss next-gen IT Operations

  • Sibito Morley III, SVP and Chief Data Officer, Lumen Technologies
  • John Chao, VP, Technology, Expedia Group

VSP’s IT Ops team delivers on vision for modernized tech stack

VSP delivers on world-class service vision with a modernized data center tech stack

  • David Gray, Sr. IT Business Systems Analyst, VSP

Equifax scaled business by using IT Ops analytics to power through COVID

You think you know them, but you’re wrong: how Equifax became the analytics company that powered through COVID

  • Scott Johnson, SVP, Infrastructure as a Service
  • Dan Grace, Global Technology Operations Leader, Equifax

Eliminating bottlenecks with automation: how US Foods modernized IT Operations

US Foods delivered exceptional service by eliminating bottlenecks with automated processes

  • Didier Le Tien, VP Application Development, US Foods

Blackrock 3 – Incident Management for IT Operations

Blackrock 3 talks to three pros about what it takes to be a great Incident Commander

  • Robb Schnepp, Partner, Blackrock 3 Partners

When what you do really helps save the world: how Abbott Labs IT Ops team responded to COVID

Abbott Labs is saving lives and their IT Ops team will explain how they help

  • Jeremy Bragg, Infrastructure Tools Architect, Abbott Laboratories

Wiley Publishing’s CIO writes the book on IT Ops modernization

Sean Mack, CIO of Wiley Publishing, writes the book on IT Ops modernization

  • Sean Mack, CIO/CISO, Wiley Publishing

Meet the people leading the next-gen IT Ops movement

Rent-a-Center, Sony Playstation Network and WEC Energy Group executives have a fireside chat about the role of IT Operations

  • Steve Liegl, WEC Energy
  • Ben Narramore, Sony Playstation
  • Tyson Malik, Rent-A-Center

Getting ready for tomorrow, today with Expedia

Expedia explains how their IT Ops maturity model helps them get ready for tomorrow, today

  • Troy Clifton, Principal Program Manager, Expedia
  • Chris Reinking, TDO, Expedia

Wiley’s incident management is powered by AIOps insights

Wiley Publishing’s team explains how to run data-driven IT Ops

  • Kiran Venkatesan, Principal Architect, Wiley Publishing

Waste Management explains the five steps to automation

Automation in five steps: How the ESM team at Waste Management created a systematic process to reduce manual processes

  • Udo Strick, Principal Architect, Waste Management

How OneMain Financial modernized complex IT Ops environments

OneMain runs a sophisticated IT Ops environment to satisfy a fast-paced business

  • Nag Vaidyanathan, CTO, OneMain
  • Sam Chatman, VP of IT Ops, OneMain