Resolve '22
The Rise of AIOps

Opening Session – Welcome from Ryan Taylor followed by A CIO’s dilemma: balancing innovation without chaos

Sanjay Poonen, former COO at VMware and president at SAP, finds out what’s on the minds of every CIO.


AIOps 2022-2025: Expert predictions with eWeek, Forrester, Advent International and Insight Partners

A panel of experts explains why AIOps is on every IT Ops roadmap.

eWeekForresterAdvent InternationalInsight Partners

AIOps and observability, sitting in a tree: Co-hosts of the Ink8r (Incubator) podcast, explain the way to achieve end-to-end visibility and automated intelligence

Hear how enterprises should think about observability strategies that integrate end-to-end visibility and automated intelligence.


Measuring what matters: how Lumen Technologies and Sony PlayStation avoid mean time to innocence through analytics

Learn how IT leaders avoid the cycle of blame, drive collaboration through analytics and demonstrate shared success.


Incident management automation: Transposit’s not-so-secret ingredient to modern, efficient collaboration across IT Ops, DevOps and support teams

In this session, find out how to start with automation—what the risks are and how to garner support and democratize access to it.


How to get multi-cloud done right: a discussion with Cardinal Health and StackState

Learn about cloud-first architecture and strategies for managing the complexity of infrastructure you can’t touch.

StackStateCardinal Health

Putting Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to work: how modern incident management is done at Northwell Health and Waste Management

Hear how IT leaders use AI to escalate issues faster, and get best practices on how to avoid siloed AI.

Northwell HealthWaste Management

Warp speed to digital innovation: how Visionworks and Dell got ahead of the game

IT leaders from Visionworks and Dell reveal how innovation and agility were key to their success during 2020’s upheaval.

VisionworksDell Technologies

Behind the scenes: how IT Ops, SREs and application engineers at Dell and Machinify solve small incidents before they escalate

Find out why the SRE role is a must-have for modern incident management, and see how AIOps stops small incidents from blowing up.

Dell TechnologiesMachinify

AIOps…not just a buzz phrase anymore: how AIOps works in the real world from Windward Consulting and StarCIO

Get pragmatic advice on how you can “sell” the value of AIOps in your organization and get quick wins when you do.


Bit by bit: how the modernizing IT organization at Insurity is increasing their maturity in CloudOps, DevOps and AIOps

Hear about the different stages of AIOps maturity and how IT Ops can expand capabilities in modern incident management.


Best in class: How Wells Fargo and Honeywell take a modern approach to IT organizational management

See how IT execs from Wells Fargo and Honeywell use SREs to step out of IT Ops chaos and into proactive incident management.

Wells FargoHoneywell

The SOC and the NOC: find out how Akamai and VMware use automation to maintain a tight collaboration between front-line responders and their stakeholders

This candid discussion with IT and cyber security leaders explores how IT Ops and cyber security operations can collaborate.


Customer experience in action: how Akamai and avoid service disruption every day

Learn how Akamai and manage custom workflow automations so their customers don’t deal with outages.