Re-imagine IT OPs, Go Autonomous

Overwhelmed, understaffed, and overworked – IT Ops teams are under siege.

But there’s a better way…Using AI and machine learning, IT Ops teams can handle and resolve IT problems at scale by intelligently automating incident management, and over time, move from simple automation to autonomous operations.

It’s time to re-imagine IT Ops. It’s time to go autonomous!



The Future of IT Ops is Autonomous

From manual to rules-based to automated to autonomous: IT Ops is being re-imagined!

In this whitepaper, Nancy Gohring, Senior Analyst at 451 Research, discusses the future of IT Ops, how AI and ML are opening up a new frontier of autonomous operations, and why forward-looking IT leaders must embrace autonomous operations to succeed.


What is Autonomous Operations?

Want to learn what a successful Autonomous Operations platform looks like, and what it can do for you?

Meet BigPanda. BigPanda is trusted by some of the most demanding and complex enterprises in the world, including Intel, United Airlines and Turner Broadcasting.




AIOps Brings Calm to Overwhelmed IT Ops Teams

AIOps tools, specifically Autonomous Operations platforms, can help overwhelmed IT Ops teams by reducing IT noise, autonomously detecting problems and surfacing probable root cause, reducing ticket volumes and slashing MTTR.

So what should IT leaders keep in mind to assure AIOps success? This playbook from CIO Dive explains.


Adopting AIOps – Revolution or Evolution?

You’ve decided to adopt AIOps. That’s great. But what’s next?

Get this whitepaper to answer these three burning questions :

  • What is the best way to adopt AIOps?
  • How can I minimize disruptions?
  • How can I make sure I quickly realize AIOps ROI?