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BigPanda Generative AI Revolutionizes Incident Management With Fast, Accurate and Clear Analysis

New Capability Automatically Delivers Clear Incident Descriptions to Estimate Incident Impact and Suggest Root Causes

SAN FRANCISCO, July 11, 2023 BigPanda, Inc., the leader in Incident Intelligence and Automation powered by AIOps, today announced Generative AI for Automated Incident Analysis, a new capability that uses advanced AI to estimate incident impact, suggest likely root causes, and provide clear, natural language incident titles and summaries. BigPanda’s Generative AI taps into large language model (LLM) technology to automatically and quickly deliver accurate and consistent incident analysis that is easy to understand, reduces mean time to identify (MTTI), and vastly improves incident resolution speed.

ITOps teams often struggle to quickly analyze incidents and determine their impact on the tech stack. Identifying the probable root cause is time- and resource-intensive, even when specialists are available. Further, critical insights and details hidden in lengthy and complex alerts often go unnoticed, causing downstream staff and systems to struggle when incident details are poorly communicated or described. BigPanda Generative AI eliminates these common pain points with clear and concise incident analysis that gives ITOps teams clear visibility so they can act quickly and reduce downtime.

“We were already the leader in intelligent IT Operations  — AIOps — and the latest innovations in Generative AI have taken our platform to a new level,” said Assaf Resnick, CEO and co-founder of BigPanda. “Customers that have used early versions of our Generative AI report it helps accelerate incident triage while reducing the number of tickets escalated to senior staff. This results in not just saved resources, but makes their systems more reliable and helps drive their businesses forward.”

The Future of AIOps is Here Today
BigPanda’s Generative AI combines AI with correlated and enriched alerts to deliver an accurate interpretation — natural language summaries — of combined alerts across multiple systems. The correlated alerts’ summary, title, and root cause analysis can automatically be added to ITSM tickets or chat collaboration channels with specific L2/L3 teams without manual intervention.

Key benefits include:

  • Faster incident resolution, fewer escalations, and ITSM tickets
  • Reduced reliance on skilled staff for incident analysis
  • Standardized communication across all stakeholders
  • Up to seven minutes saved per ticket during an escalation
  • Accurate causality 95% of the time (during beta testing)

“BigPanda’s AI-powered Generative AI empowers our ITOps teams by providing faster incident detection and independent resolution using generative AI,” said Jeremy Talley, lead operations engineer at RHI. “The rapid, automated extraction of meaningful insights from our complex IT alert environment not only makes us better at L1 response but also reduces escalations to our L2 and L3 experts.”

For more information, sign up for BigPanda’s Generative AI for ITOps webinar.

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BigPanda Inc. enables its customers to organize and mobilize the world’s DevOps and ITOps data. BigPanda’s Incident Intelligence and Automation platform, powered by AIOps, empowers some of the world’s largest brands to keep business running, prevent service outages, and improve incident management to deliver extraordinary customer experiences. BigPanda’s platform is critical for organizations across industries and enterprises of all sizes, from small and medium to Fortune 500 companies, to power their digital services. Visit for more information.

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