Platform components

BigPanda’s Enterprise Cloud Platform for IT Ops

Cloud-based IT incident response solution purpose-built for large enterprises

Created as a SaaS-native event correlation and automation platform for IT Operations, BigPanda delivers high performance with enterprise-class availability, resilience, and dynamic scalability.

Without BigPanda

With BigPanda

Effortless system scaling

When critical incidents or major outages start to develop, enterprise IT Operations tools can generate a significantly larger amount of data compared to the baseline. Many on-premises incident response solutions, both commercial and homegrown, struggle to elastically scale to handle these loads, severely hindering their ability to deal with service degradations.

BigPanda’s SaaS-native, microservices-based platform architecture provides built-in elastic scaling that can handle spikes in data volumes with no lag or degradation in performance. This means that IT Operations teams can rely on BigPanda to handle all loads 24/7/365.

No downtime for upgrades and enhancements

Organizations expect software tools to be always up-to-date, and continually improved with new features and enhancements. At the same time, they must serve their own customers 24/7, so they cannot tolerate downtime, even if it is scheduled. This creates a major challenge for on-premises tools.

BigPanda’s SaaS-native platform delivers new features, enhancements and upgrades gradually and seamlessly behind a load-balancer, so teams, customers and users never have to experience downtime or disruptions.

High reliability guarantees

Most organizations serve demanding customers 24/7 and cannot afford any downtime or gaps in visibility into the health, availability and performance of critical apps and services. Many on-premises IT Operations tools experience disruptions or downtime when dealing with high loads.

BigPanda was architected from the ground-up to provide best-in-industry uptime and performance. All microservices, databases and messaging systems provide high-availability via built-in load-balancing, replication and backups, allowing organizations to reliably serve users around the clock.

Lower cost of ownership

Total cost of ownership is a major concern for organizations. On-premises tools require expensive hardware as well as expensive admin hours to provision, set up and maintain the system over time.

BigPanda significantly lowers total cost of ownership because there are no initial or ongoing costs related to hardware, high availability/disaster recovery, maintenance or administration.

Enterprise-grade security

Providing secure access for hundreds of remote team members to their IT Operations tools, as well as maintaining the security of these tools’ data – are major challenges for organizations.

Trusted by some of the largest, most security-conscious companies in the world, BigPanda encrypts data at-rest and in-flight, and is SOC 2 Type II certified, so organizations are assured of enterprise-grade security at all times.