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Q2 2022

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Product News

Our product teams have been tirelessly innovating on the BigPanda platform. Here are three important features your team will want to use:


BigPanda Formula Language – FILTER function

This new capability has been added to the BigPanda Formula Language to help create sophisticated incident tags easily. The FILTER function extracts an array of values based on a conditional value for an alert or incident metadata field, like primary property, status, and source system.

Read more about the FILTER function here!


Self Service Email Parser (Beta) 

This new streamlined, simplified integration can extract alert data from an email subject or body, including status, description and more. This email parser can be configured using a simple API.

Read more about the Self Service Email Parser API here!

Incident Feeds

Incident feeds wherever you are

The BigPanda incident feed is now available on mobile devices, making it easier than ever to find and view incidents, drill down each one, and take action while on the go.

Ask your CSM about this feature.

For all BigPanda platform documentation, visit our Docs page.

BigPanda University news and resources

Getting Started with BigPanda

If you or someone on your team is new to the BigPanda family, this series of Getting Started videos is a great orientation without needing a big time commitment. Here are just a few of the topics to choose from:

  • Getting Started with Integrations
  • Getting Started with Normalization and Enrichment
  • Getting Started with Correlation
  • Getting Started with Environments
  • Collaboration and Sharing
  • Root Cause Changes Knowledge

We’ve moved!

We just launched our new modern customer support platform on Zendesk.

Need to create a support ticket? Want to get tips and tricks or other helpful articles?

Get started with this quick BigPanda University lesson.

Making the grade

We recently launched a customer webinar series called “Making the Grade.” The most recent episode is about the power of automation hooks…and it’s now available to watch on-demand. 

Learn what an automation hook is, why you want to use it, and how to use incident tags to provide feedback via BigPanda.

Receiving BigPanda Analytics Data

BigPanda offers numerous out-of-the-box (OOTB) and customizable reports to help drive actionable insights from your data. 

This guide describes the process and methods software engineers, cloud and system administrators, as well as analytics professionals can use to obtain raw analytics data from the BigPanda platform.

Creating custom integrations with BigPanda

If your team needs custom integrations for monitoring tools, we’ve got a step-by-step guide with best practices to make that really simple!

Now developers and administrators with basic programming skills can get it done.

Don’t have access to BigPanda University? Click here to register or log-in.

Buzzworthy Blogs
Quick reads from the Value and Adoption team: The Importance Self-Healing (and How It Works)

Quick reads from the Value and Adoption team: The Importance of Self-Healing (and How it Works)

The BigPanda Value and Adoption team just launched a helpful blog series aimed at bettering your understanding of AIOps maturity. It’s called Quick reads and we are pretty sure these are going to be a big hit with you and your team.

In this first installment, Craig Ferrara, head of Value and Adoption, shares the importance of self-healing and how Level-0 Automation can transform IT Ops. 

IT Ops Pulse: Why AIOps projects fail

IT Ops Pulse: Why AIOps projects fail

For some companies, AIOps has felt a bit like a science experiment. And for others, it has helped drive transformation of IT operations and incident management processes.

In this article, learn the pitfalls of failed AIOps projects and how to avoid them. 

Whiskey and wisdom: AIOps as a strategy

Whiskey and Wisdom: AIOps as a strategy

We’ve recently launched an executive event series, Whiskey and Wisdom, exclusively for IT Ops leaders to gather each month and talk about topics that are top-of-mind (and yes, there is whiskey!)

While the sessions are not recorded, Derrick Arakaki, VP of Customer Outcomes, started a blog called Overheard at Whiskey and Wisdom.

It’s a great way to get a feel for what’s keeping IT leaders up at night, and what ideas they are sharing with their peers.

Overheard at Bamboo Lounge: Making sense of IT Ops KPIs

Bamboo Lounge Community: Making sense of IT Ops KPI’s

Every IT Ops team needs to set KPIs, but it can be difficult to know which ones to use, how many to set, and how to derive value from them.

In a recent conversation at our Bamboo Lounge community event, we talked with customers about how they tackle setting KPIs.

Get the full recap of the conversation here in this blog.

Resolve '22

The IT Ops community event of the year is happening again on May 18, 2022.

RESOLVE ‘22 is a virtual forum where you network with your peers, share stories and learn from each other. No vendors, no sales pitches and no 100-slide presentations.

We also have a few speaking slots left. If you have a hot topic you want to talk about, send an email to
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