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Our Story



Our Story

BigPanda started a few years ago with a simple idea. Let’s apply the advances in machine learning to a vexing problem for IT Operations teams: how to detect and resolve major incidents quicker using more intelligent automation.

Our CTO, Elik, brought the genius. Our CEO, Assaf, secured the funding. Together, they were both frustrated that IT Ops was still held captive by rules-driven solutions and overly manual processes. While in the Israeli Intelligence Service, Elik had witnessed first-hand how data processing algorithms could achieve amazing things. Meanwhile, Assaf was an investor at Sequoia and hungry to be an entrepreneur.

BigPanda debuted at Monitorama in 2014 with their shared vision to solve the noisy IT alert problem. For the first few years, we cured alert storms for companies big and small. But we quickly realized that large, complex enterprises were suffering the most. New technologies like virtualization, cloud, mobile, DevOps and CI/CD were transforming IT, but creating chaos for Ops teams. There was a big data explosion in IT that was introducing unnecessary risk for enterprises. This was a big problem ripe to be tamed by intelligent automation that scaled.

Today, Elik’s and Assaf’s mission for BigPanda has evolved to Autonomous Digital Operations – the next generation of machine learning applied to the entire IT incident lifecycle. We invite you to follow us on our continuing journey.

Mission Statement

BigPanda is the first provider of Autonomous Digital Operations solutions that empower IT Operations at large, complex enterprises. Our mission is to automate and scale the ability of IT Operations to meet the demands of digital transformation.


Assaf Resnick
Assaf ResnickCEO
Elik Eizenberg
Elik EizenbergCTO
Bryan Dell
Bryan DellCRO
Shahar Kedar
Shahar KedarVP Engineering
Ronnie Ghosh
Ronnie GhoshVP Finance
Orli Remez
Orli RemezVP People
Eyal Efroni
Eyal EfroniVP Customer Success
Peter Chargin
Peter CharginVP Marketing

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