The top 5 of 2015

The top 5 of 2015

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Who doesn’t like a countdown to celebrate the New Year? So as 2015 draws to a close, we thought it’s the perfect time to look back on our most popular stories of the year. From using MTTR as a performance KPI to measure ITOps performance, to tips on how to better prevent and remediate DDoS attacks, our team took a magnifying glass to some of the most critical topics facing ITOps teams today. Enjoy!

5) Service health analytics: make better IT ops decisions faster

Coming in at #5 is the September launch of BigPanda’s Service Health Analytics. Proving that dashboards can serve as much more than eye candy, this offering was designed to help Ops teams make better decisions, faster. Pre-configured reports offer rapid insights into your top alerting hosts, top alerting checks, correlation ratios from raw alerts to incidents, and mean time to resolution (MTTR). Dashboards can be configured for both specific environments and time periods, and shared easily with teammates via one-click Snapshots. Read more.

4) What is MTTR? Or why not to feed the baby cognac

What is MTTR? Ranking at #4 is VP Product, Dan Turchin’s insightful take on this oft-used acronym. In his post, Dan asserted that in order to truly answer this question, companies should ask themselves how they define an “incident” and what it means to solve one – and furthermore, that they should consider whether it’s unequivocally better to resolve them quickly. Read more.

3) Why DDoS attacks aren’t just a security problem…and monitoring traffic isn’t the solution

According to Akamai’s most recent State of the Internet report, DDoS attacks are a bigger threat than ever before. And it’s easier than ever to launch them. Taking the #3 spot is this two-part series on the implications of DDoS attacks: why they aren’t just a security problem, and how companies can better equip themselves for prevention and mediation. Plus, we take a look at how a client – one that happens to operate one of the largest hosted security services in the world – avoided 15 hours of downtime after an attempted DDoS attack. Read more.

2) Hey Silicon Valley, you’re wrong about “Data Science” and “Machine Learning”

“Data science”. “Machine learning”. These terms are increasingly entrenched in the Silicon Valley lexicon, and yet, have somehow become lazy speak for “we’re not sure what we’re doing, so we’ll hand wave cliches until we have real technology and a business model”. So how do you make out the real “Einsteins” from the “Jojo the chimps”? In this editorial, which ranks just shy of the #1 spot, Dan Turchin pulls back the curtain of jargon and breaks down exactly how to tackle alert correlation for IT operations systems monitoring, in a way that isn’t abstract, opaque or cliched. Read more.

1) High-frequency Systems Management: for Ops teams that don’t communicate with smoke signals

In the past decade, the magnitude of change impacting IT systems management has skyrocketed. Systems have become increasingly sophisticated and complex, but our ways of managing them have remained, in too many cases, wholly unchanged. Nabbing the #1 spot in the countdown is our look at the evolution of modern of the datacenter, and what smart organizations should be doing to properly manage their high-frequency systems.

That’s a wrap folks: our top 5 of 2015! We hope to see you back in January as we ramp up another year covering the topics that matter to you most. First up: our inaugural State of Monitoring Report. We surveyed over 1500 IT professionals on topics such as composition and maturity of their monitoring environment, monitoring challenges, and their budget/performance outlook for the coming year. Check back in early 2016 for the results!


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