Tips for modern NOCs – simplifying IT operations team reporting

The dreaded monthly operations and application meeting is edging near. You know which meeting we’re talking about: the one where all the Ops teams get together to talk about what they  are seeing, about application enhancements and modifications, potential improvements, and often – about their frustrations!  

It’s your job to lead the meeting, so chances are you’re getting ready for it as we speak, pulling information from your ITSM, APM, and Infrastructure monitoring tools and spending hours, if not days, making sense of it all and presenting it in a useful manner: You need to show key operational metrics such as MTTA, MTTD, and MTTR over time, the most problematic areas in your infrastructure and your incident resolution efficiency, all within the context of the applications that drive the business.    

If this sounds  familiar, this blog is for you. 

Today, we’ll discuss some recommendations for making operational reporting simpler and more valuable, and then share a video showing you one way you can implement that in practice. 


Tons of Data, Everywhere 

Somewhere inside all that huge amount of data that your monitoring and reporting tools are generating – lie valuable insights about your operations and your business. Extracting and understanding those insights is no easy feat, for several reasons:

  1. A multitude of tools. Extracting information from often dozens of tools is tedious and time-consuming.
  2. No easy way to unify different data sets. Once extracted – the data from these different sources needs to be merged and unified.
  3. No easy way to measure results over time. It’s difficult enough to create periodic reports, let alone compare them to past ones, in order to determine trends and progress.


The Solution: Using Automated and Unified Analytics

It would be stating the obvious that to overcome the complexity of operations reporting, you need a dedicated reporting tool. But what are the guidelines for choosing or building such a tool? Our experience shows that  in order to be able to easily create valuable, insightful reports, you need to make sure that your reporting solution:

  • Can collect information from your entire ecosystem – specifically monitoring alerts and information from your service desk, your applications and your infrastructure. Only full access with a comprehensive integration can create the proper context that turns data into insights.
  • Has the ability to run automated reports or supports predefined dashboards which show the relevant data in the right context, and puts it at your fingertips.  
  • Unifies view across all your IT – so you can use it to  uncover hotspots within your environment.
  • Shows historical data – allowing you to measure and track your operational KPIs over time.


Operational Reporting with BigPanda  

BigPanda’s Unified Analytics provides a comprehensive reporting solution which allows you to easily create an encompassing, clear view into all your IT Operations. Here’s how BigPanda can help you get to easier, more valuable operational reporting:

  • First, BigPanda’s Open Integration Hub seamlessly integrates with all your IT tools, collecting all the information needed to create context and insight.
  • Then, BigPanda Unified Analytics dashboards allow you to:
    • Measure KPI’s in general and in the context of specific applications, tools and business services, so you can show efficiency gains or potential areas for improvements.  
    • View and analyze historical data, allowing you to track the impact to critical applications or business services over time.  
    • Easily understand top offending hosts, checks, applications, and mean-time between failures (MTBF) providing insight and context to address these offenders, helping to drive further operational efficiencies.   

Take a look at this short video where we show how BigPanda’s Unified Analytics helps you gain insights into your Operations. 


By using BigPanda Unified Analytics, customers can gain insights on problematic hosts and applications, identify the location of performance degradations and resolve recurring issues quickly and easily, often reducing MTTI from hours to minutes (as was the case with a leading hosting provider).

Want more information about how BigPanda can help your organization? Learn more about us here or contact us for a free demo.