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At BigPanda, we’re committed to helping you detect, understand, and resolve your IT operations incidents more quickly and efficiently, regardless of how complex your infrastructure and monitoring stack may be. To this end, our product team is constantly looking for easier ways to help you set up, find, and share the information you need with BigPanda.

In the latest edition of Product News, we’re highlighting some of the recent usability enhancements available in BigPanda. As always, these changes were inspired by feedback from our leading experts: the BigPanda user community! Here are a few of the new features that we hope will make your job easier.

Enhanced search

BigPanda already offered unique and powerful search capabilities that allow you to investigate incidents across your entire monitoring stack in a single place. But now, we’ve rolled out even more search options to help you target the answers you need with pinpoint accuracy. Our latest update allows you to use regular expressions or the strict match operator, search by the source system of the alert, or combine keyword searches and BPQL (BigPanda Query Language) queries.

The product includes customer-requested enhancements to ensure you get the most up-to-date and accurate information when you need it the most. These benefits are available both from the incident feed (for active and recent incidents) and from unified search (for historical data up to 3 months old).

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Easier collaboration with comments

It’s easier than ever to collaborate on a solution with the latest enhancements to comments in BigPanda. Now, you can quickly scan your incident feed or unified search results to see which incidents have comments. Then, simply click the button to open the comments window, where you can see who’s talking and join the conversation!

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Streamlined setup and administration

At BigPanda, we want to help you get set up quickly so you can get back to fixing the world’s broken stuff. So, we’ve been making changes to streamline the administrative features in the product. First, we moved AutoShare to the settings page, alongside other administrative functions. Then, we added a shortcut menu for opening AutoShare and other key administrative settings. Now, you have quick access when you need it and it’s out of sight when you’re focused on investigating incidents.

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We’ve also made it easier for you to define and manage user access from a single place with our redesigned User Management page. You can see user status at a glance or search for a specific user account. Then, easily invite new users, resend invitations, and activate or deactivate accounts. You can also assign roles to control levels of access for existing users.

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Updated incidents UI

Because incident status is often a key driver of your operational priorities, we’ve updated the BigPanda UI to emphasize current status. Brighter, more vibrant colors make it easier to quickly scan the feed and identify your most critical incidents. All the alert details are now presented in a standardized format throughout BigPanda – whether you’re in the incident details pane, the timeline, or unified search. You can investigate a critical time period by stepping through every status change, which can help you find the root cause and solve the problem faster.

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We hope that these improvements help you better leverage BigPanda to reduce alert noise and manage your fast-paced, modern IT systems. Keep letting us know what you like, what could be improved, and what else would help you. Stay tuned for more exciting product updates based on your feedback – and don’t forget to check out our Announcements Page for all our latest integrations and features.

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