Modernizing IT Operations Study Stresses Importance of Automation to Reduce Costs

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Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ) has published a state of the market study, Modernizing IT Operations for Digital Economy. The study is based on insights from more than 1,000 organizations worldwide and includes:

  • Key market pressures & management challenges driving the need for modern IT Operations
  • The role of modern IT Operations in digital transformation
  • Operational & business benefits from modernizing IT Operations
  • Best practices derived from capabilities deployed by “top-performing” organizations (defined by DEJ as the top 20%)

Overall, the report has tracked a 71% increase in interest in automation capabilities for IT monitoring since 2011. Most organizations are deploying automation to reduce the cost of IT Operations (no surprise there). However, only one-fifth of organizations include modernizing IT Ops in their overall digital transformation strategy. A clear majority report the lack of IT resources such as adequate staffing is their main obstacle to modernization.

Nearly half of organizations spend more than one hour per incident repairing performance issues.

Some other key findings of this latest report include:

Alerting & Notification. 55% of organizations are looking to improve accuracy, timeliness and relevance of IT incident alerting and notification. According to the report, “Organizations are looking for more intelligence and context from IT alerting (priority, severity, etc.) as well as a clearer path from notification to resolution of a problem.” An overwhelming majority of organizations point to two key drivers for improving alerting: having dynamic, complex IT architectures or the sheer number of metrics & events to be processed. One-third want the ability to automate escalation of IT incidents, following the third that have already deployed this capability.

Correlation. 49% of organizations report a lack of correlation between systems elements as a key challenge. DEJ claims, “With increased heterogeneity of data sources, metrics and systems elements, having capabilities for correlating and normalizing IT data becomes the key requirement for making this data usable, relevant and actionable.” Of organizations looking to deploy correlation, 37% seek a platform merging IT and business data while 32% want a single platform correlating Dev and Ops data. Almost everyone agrees (82%) that adding more IT staff is not a solution for event and alert overload.

Machine Learning. Organizations leveraging machine learning report a 63% improvement in mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR), and a nearly 40% increase in IT resources free to focus on growth and innovation. DEJ: “Machine learning provides IT operations scale, speed and intelligence and it has become one of the key ingredients for successfully managing modern IT operations.” 35% of organizations are looking to deploy an IT monitoring solution based on machine learning by 2018; the top-performing organizations are 2.5X more likely to do so.

Clearly there is little time to waste. Modernizing IT Operations is an initiative that can’t wait.

Click here to see the Executive Summary of the full DEJ report.

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