Implementing AIOps – Revolution Or Evolution

The underlying infrastructures behind IT systems have become complex and overloaded. A single incident in today’s IT stack can shut down large chunks of a business and cost it millions – or even billions. Because of that, many businesses consider implementing AIOps in their IT operations an important part of their future.

Implementing AIOps can help you automate and streamline many of your more complex IT tasks, giving your IT operations team more time to focus on other aspects of their daily operations. But how should you go about doing it?  

Time to evolve?

In general, there are two ways of implementing AIOps:

  • Revolution – adopting and implementing monolithic AIOps technology across your entire IT stack in one go. 
  • Evolution – gradually adopting best-of-breed AIOps technologies across your entire IT stack, starting where it hurts most. 

If you need a wholesale change across your entire IT operations stack with a single vendor’s suite, the AIOps Revolution path may be a good option. In this route, procurement is with a single vendor and is therefore easier. It’s also a tempting choice because the many parts of that vendor’s suite may be very tightly integrated together. On the flip side, such a move will be disruptive, your teams will be probably be subject to an extended period of uncertainty and you will not be assured of the best results in every single area of your IT stack.

So how about considering an AIOps Evolution? Instead of redoing everything at once, why not take one step at a time with a best-of-breed approach to your chosen tools, starting where you have the most pain? This dual strategy will allow you to  solve that pain, while guaranteeing the luxury of evolving your tech stack gradually over time with the most benefits.

There are several key reasons why companies may find AIOPs evolution more prudent and advantageous: 

  • Faster time to value
  • Minimal disruption of existing systems and business operations
  • Reduced software expenses
  • Lower service and switching expenses 
  • A best of breed architecture, for maximum results

Essentially, investing in an AIOps evolution can save your company on costs, while giving you the tools with which you can lead your business into the future.

What is the right system for you?

Every business is different, and has its own unique challenges associated with its daily operations. As your business grows, these challenges grow as well. Finding the right solutions is important, and knowing whether to revolutionize or evolve your IT Operations is key to your success.

Our newest white paper details all of the AIOps variables you need to consider, and gives you the framework to make an informed decision.