Can AIOps Reduce IT Noise?

If you’re part of an IT Ops or NOC team, or if you manage one, you know that overwhelming IT noise is your #1 enemy.

Not only does it flood your teams with false-positives, but it also buries critical root-cause events and it makes it hard to proactively detect expensive P1 and P0 outages.  

In addition to creating problems for IT Ops and NOC teams, overwhelming IT noise also creates serious problems for the business: higher operating costs, performance and availability issues, and risks to enterprise digital initiatives.

Enterprises are understandably eager to solve this problem. Unfortunately, they resort to tactical solutions like increasing headcount, relying on customers to report outages, and even turning off tools. These “solutions” are either largely ineffective or create other problems. 

Can AIOps tools be the answer? 

Thanks to advances in computing power and a rapid decline in costs, AI and ML have started to make a tangible difference across different industries and use-cases.  

IT Ops tools powered by AI/ML (aka AIOps) can help enterprises by:

  • Cost-effectively, scalably and quickly processing large datasets
  • Uncovering insights that are hard for humans to uncover on their own
  • Learning from the data they process and becoming more effective and efficient over time.
  • Utilizing IT Ops Event correlation to aggregate and correlate disparate streams of observability, monitoring, change and topology data into context-rich incidents

But not all AI/ML is created equal. 

Many AI/ML-based IT Ops tools, or AIOps tools, if you prefer, take too long to train and they use opaque ‘black-box’ techniques that are difficult to trust and use.

So keep these three questions in mind, when evaluating your next AI/ML-powered IT Ops tool:

  1. Time to value: How long does it take to train my new tool and when will I start seeing value?
  2. Trust: Can my team trust the results generated by this tool?
  3. Adoption and usage: What does the learning curve look like, and how easy is it for my IT Ops and NOC teams to start using this tool?

BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform 

BigPanda Autonomous Operations platform uses AI and ML to help your IT Ops and NOC teams deal with the overwhelming IT noise problem. To overcome the problems associated with ‘black-box’ Machine Learning, BigPanda uses a proprietary and unique implementation of Machine Learning called Open Box Machine Learning.

Want to learn more about:

  • how BigPanda can help you eliminate IT noise,
  • create correlated incidents that point to the probable root cause, and
  • help you catch P2 and P3s before they become customer impacting P1 and P0 outages?

Watch our webinar here and watch this video below.

And if you’re interested in looking at BigPanda more closely, just let us know by clicking here and we’ll be in touch.