Can AIOps Tools Solve Your Service Desk Problems

The state of IT Operations today is loud, noisy and fragmented. This means that your service desk teams, that may be using ServiceNow, JIRA or other tools, are suffering. They’re probably running into some of these very common issues on an everyday basis:

  1. A single outage or disruption creating hundreds of tickets
  2. Critical contextual information missing from these tickets
  3. Too many escalations of problems that could have been solved
  4. Duplicate and wasted efforts because your service desk and your monitoring tools are not connected through a bi-directional integration

Sounds all too familiar, right?

We know that the noise and chaos exist, and we know that they cause major headaches for service desk teams.

The real question is, can we control it with AIOps? To put it simply, yes, the RIGHT AIOps tools can help.

AIOps tools, otherwise known as AI & ML-powered IT Ops tools are well suited for handling the massive streaming datasets that are common to IT. Enterprises are able to solve, or substantially mitigate many service desk problems by using the right types of AIOps tools.

Using AIOps tools, some of the largest enterprises in the world have been able to reduce their service desk ticket volumes by over 85%, they’ve been able to reduce IT noise by 95%+ and they’ve been able to reduce MTTR by up to 50%.

But there’s a caveat. Not all AIOps tools are created equal.  When determining the tool that is right for you, it’s a good idea to keep the following things in mind.

  1. Time to value: Does it take weeks, months or years to see the value?
  2. Avoid the black-box: You want a tool you can trust.
  3. Ensure adoption & use: The last thing you want is another tool that sits there unused. Your new AIOps tools should be easy to learn, use and maintain.
  4. Works with your existing tools: Avoid AIOps tools that require painful, expensive rip-and-replace.


BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform

When you adopt AIOps with BigPanda Autonomous Operations Platform, in about 8-12 weeks, you can reduce your ticket volume by up to 99%, use information from your CMDB, inventory databases, spreadsheets and excel files to add critical context to your tickets, and unify workflows between your IT Ops, helpdesk and ITSM teams. BigPanda does the heavy lifting for you – correlation, compression, root-cause analysis and first response automation.

Want to learn more? We invite you to learn more by watching our recorded webinar: Can AIOps Cure Your Service Desk Problems?