Get to know a Panda: Hadar Mutai

Hadar Mutai

What’s one of your super powers or something people would be surprised to know about you?

My superpower is eating ice-cream after a 5km run. I am addicted to almost every reality trash show (The Amazing Race, Love is Blind etc.) and I am also a clean freak so my house looks like a museum!

How would you describe what BigPanda does?

BigPanda takes all your monitoring systems and turns all the noise coming from multiple alerts into actionable and meaningful incidents. This is done through an open box machine learning algorithm that correlates related alerts. BigPanda is a single pane of glass for IT teams.

What is your best memory of BigPanda / What do you love about BigPanda?

My best memory of BigPanda is a barbecue lunch we had on our office’s rooftop, right before coronavirus hit and the office was shut down (until now!) It’s like we knew this was the last time we will see each other for a very long time. Lots of food, alcohol and music!

Before BigPanda, what was a cool, interesting or hilarious job you worked?

In high school I was a lifeguard at my hometown swimming pool. There was actually no need for a lifeguard there, this was a toddler’s pool and each kid needed to be supervised by their own parents, so I actually sat around and tanned all day.

How would you describe what you do to your friends or family?

First, I research competitors, have calls with customers and analyze their needs. Later, I write requirements for developers to improve our product and finally, communicate the improvements to our customers and make sure they are satisfied!