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Guy Elia, Software Engineer – Tel Aviv

Guy EliaBasketball lover. Father. Book nerd.

What did you do before BigPanda?

I worked in the IT field in the global and military sectors for five years. I was fortunate to work in the IT field during my time there. That really gave me an opportunity to learn more about the field and allowed me to jump straight into the IT world after my time in the Air Force.

What was your favorite part about your experience in those fields?

My favorite aspect of that work was definitely designing and improving IT infrastructures at enterprise companies.

What led you to be interested in BigPanda?

I was looking to personally develop myself in new areas and experience scale in the cloud. I knew my current BigPanda manager, Tal, from my military days, and he convinced me that BigPanda is exactly the place that will meet my professional aspirations.

What do you enjoy the most about your career now?

At BigPanda, we continuously build and improve cloud infrastructures while maintaining high availability with uncompromising technological standards. It’s been very exciting to be a part of a company who puts both as a priority.

How do you find balance between work, your home and your professional life?

As a workaholic and one who loves his job, the challenge of finding the right balance between home and work is not simple. Fortunately, BigPanda allows real flexibility, which is measured by value and delivery.

Seven months ago, my wife and I welcomed our sweet baby into the world. Sometimes it can feel as if you are at your first shift during your work day and then you come home for your second shift. Having a child is one of the most beautiful and hard things you can do, and it has definitely been an adjustment to how we balance our days.

In my free time I also love to play basketball when I can.

What’s one of your superpowers?

I love to read long and tedious technological books—paperback versions only!