Get to know a Panda: Sudarshan Siddhaye

Sudarshan Siddhaye

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

I play tabla (the Indian drums) and my musical participation has ranged from playing Indian classical concerts to improvised Celtic-Indian fusion music at Irish bars and International House (Cal) fundraising galas. I produced a full length Celtic-Indian fusion music CD with my friends in 1999!

Have you had a major career change?

My major career change was when I went from implementing operational solutions for contact centers for the first 17 years of my professional life to implementing AI-generated insights for sales and marketing! While the implementation process was the same at its core, learning about new AI/ML technologies, learning to speak the marketing and sales lingo and polishing up my PowerPoint skills was very exciting!

How would you describe your job at BigPanda to your friends or family?

As a member of the Professional Services (PS) team, I describe myself as someone to software what a body-shop owner and car mechanic and driving school owner are to a car. R&D makes the software (like car manufacturers make the cars), our customers use the software (like how drivers drive the cars). But we (the PS team) help deploy the solution, train on usage and ensure the customers enjoy the ride and get tremendous value from their investment.

How would you explain what BigPanda does?

BigPanda intelligently consolidates and eliminates noise in the alerts being sent to IT Operations, handing them only cleanly defined actionable incidents, kind of like how the coin sorting machines at the supermarkets take your bag full of coins of all kinds and smartly sort them into groups of similar coins.

What is your best memory of BigPanda?

My best memory of BigPanda so far has to be my very first in-person interview, where I found myself in the same building on the same floor in the same room where I started my very first job after college just over 20 years ago! Deja-vu all over again!