Get to know a Panda: Andreas Wieder

Andreas Wieder

What’s something people would be surprised to know about you?

By day, I am the Controller of our Accounting department, a lot of people don’t know that I am quite the handyman – gardening, laying new floors, painting, installing lamps or fans, building furniture – I am not afraid to tackle household projects big or small.

What was your very first job?

My first paid job was also a hobby: playing Team Handball – got my first paycheck when I was only 16.

How would you describe what you do now to your friends or family?

I am the nimble number cruncher for my company and I love it!

How would you explain what BigPanda does?

You can have data without information, but you cannot have information without data – so BigPanda takes data to provide meaningful information and outputs, which enables IT organizations to immediately find and fix system outages, from incidents to root cause.

What do you love about BigPanda?

I love the people and the transparent, collaborative culture.