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Happy April Fools!

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**UPDATE - April Fools! BigPanda definitely had fun playing tribute to David Bowie for a day, but we think we're going to keep him as is, for now ;)

MonitoringScape Live – Episode 2 with Jason Dixon

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In the latest episode of our MonitoringScape Live podcast series, we sit down with Jason Dixon, VP Product Strategy at Raintank, founder of Monitorama, and author of "Monitoring with Graphite: Tracking Dynamic Host and Application Metrics at Scale". Jason is joined by Adrian Cockcroft, Technology Fellow at Battery Ventures, former lead architect for Netflix, and author of the best-selling book, "Sun Performance and Tuning".

Make Icinga work better with automated noise suppression

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Given that the very development of Icinga arose from the need for additional functionalities in open source monitoring, it’s little surprise that the tool has become indispensable for so many IT professionals. Its configurability and flexibility allow for a sophisticated approach to monitoring, which is both scalable and extensible to large, complex environments.

How alert correlation helps Dev and Ops work better together

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This post was recently published as a guest blog by our friends at Jira Service Desk. You can find the original post here.

We all need to move fast in order to stay competitive. But the faster things move, the faster things break.

While many companies have made great strides towards automating application release and infrastructure management, automation for service assurance has been sorely lacking. That’s left Dev and Ops with a problem: how to effectively service alerts that have grown by orders of magnitude.

Top 3 Takeaways from SREcon16

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SREcon16 is a wrap, and our team had a blast at this year’s event! Both days were non-stop action: demos, discussions, and - of course - handing out our fair share of panda swag. Between the buzz on the floor and in the sessions, what topics were top of mind at this year’s show? Here are our three key takeaways:

Rekindle your love for Nagios

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You and Nagios have had your share of ups and downs, but lately it just hasn’t been the same. You’re busy with other systems and having less patience to deal with the constant nagging from good ol’ Nagios. She’s beginning to sound more and more like a broken record.

If you keep going down this path, your MTTR will suffer. Or worse, you won’t be able to satisfy your customers. But you’re not ready to give up on Nagios just yet – after all, she's been there when you needed her.

The top 5 of 2015

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Who doesn’t like a countdown to celebrate the New Year? So as 2015 draws to a close, we thought it’s the perfect time to look back on our most popular stories of the year. From using MTTR as a performance KPI to measure ITOps performance, to tips on how to better prevent and remediate DDoS attacks, our team took a magnifying glass to some of the most critical topics facing ITOps teams today. Enjoy!

Key takeaways from AppSphere15

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Software everywhere or software nowhere?

It was just last week, at AppSphere15 in Vegas, that I sat amongst a packed house at David Kirkpatrick’s keynote, staring up at these words in his deck.

“Software is increasingly everywhere”, Kirkpatrick explained, “but it’s so seamless that you don’t even see it. You just enjoy new efficiencies and ways of getting things done”.

Five things you need to know about FutureStack15

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It was a whirlwind couple of days, but FutureStack15 is in the books! I’m sure I speak for most of the BigPanda team when I say that a weekend of rest was welcomed after the long (but exciting!) days at the show. Between demos, conversations with clients and prospects, and even a surprise visit from Weird Al – there was hardly a moment of downtime. But in our world, who likes downtime? (Excuse the terrible pun).

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of some of the key themes discussed at the show:

Key takeaways from DevOpsDays Silicon Valley

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In between sessions at last weekend’s DevOpsDays Silicon Valley, scores of attendees filled the halls, amplifying the Computer History Museum with chatter and turning it into something more akin to a high school cafeteria than a conference venue. As crowds formed to share their stories and insights with one another, a common theme quickly emerged: It just isn’t as easy as we thought it would be.