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Eric is a Sales Engineer at BigPanda.

For the past year or so, productivity experts have been talking about “Inbox Zero” – a rigorous fresh approach to email management. Reaching Inbox Zero stresses techniques to tame your inbox and keep it empty (or nearly empty) at all times. The practice promises to focus your time and attention on the most important tasks. At an […]

In part 1 of this series we defined algorithmic alert correlation and how it works. The term “algorithmic” describes how data science applies machine learning techniques to solve alert storms, aka alert floods. There are two flavors of machine learning currently being applied to this problem: one is “black box” and the other, “open box”. BigPanda […]

The IT Operations tool stack is becoming exponentially more complex. This requires the utilization of a breadth of diverse monitoring tools in order to quickly detect and ultimately resolve critical issues before they can inflict real damage on the business. Most large enterprises already have a host of preferred monitoring tools installed and working. It […]